LOST 1.19 Deus Ex Machina (Locke)

Deus Ex Machina refers to a sudden change or “solution” to a story.  In LOTR and the Hobbit it was the sudden (and totally unexpected appearance) of the Eagles that turned the battle to the side of the heroes.  It refers to Greek theater when a crane was used to lower a character into the set.  The character came in like a god, therefore Deus Ex Machina translates to “god from the machine”.

In this episode the sudden appearance of a light coming out the hatch may be the Deus Ex Machina.

Thoughts and Observations:

The Mousetrap made me think of FakeLocke’s plan to get Jacob.  Wait to your opponent lands on the cheese and then spring the trap.

Speaking of Numbers the regular footballs are in aisle 8 and nerf in aisle 15 (flight 815).

What’s up with his leg getting injured but he can’t feel it or even burn it.

This is the first time we hear Locke mention that he is being led by the island.  Boone is freaked.

Locke is given a red folder and drives a red car to Cooper’s house.  Red is usually a sign that the character is going to die.  Boone dies soon after holding a red shirt.

In a dream Locke sees a bloody Boone, the Nigerian drug plane, his mom pointing up, and Locke in a wheelchair.  Boone also mentions Theresa goes up the stairs and goes down the stairs. The only other Theresa on the show is Dan’s girlfriend who we last saw in a coma.

Sawyer mentions his dead Uncle, the same one who tells him not to write the revenge letter to the real Sawyer, who just so happens to be in this episode, Cooper.

Locke freaks out and bangs on the hatch after sending Boone off a cliff.  The hatch lights up, but how?  We find out in Season 2

2 Responses

  1. It’s strange to see the young Emily we see in Season 4 who gave birth to John Locke turns into a psyco woman. Funny enough looks just as old as Locke. Trying to walk with a numb leg is difficult. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s awkward. So I’m not sure how Locke is able to do it. Maybe he’s still paralysed from his fall, but is able to walk only on the island.

    His mom talks about him being part of a design. Is it the same as what Ms Hawkings is getting at? His mom is crazy, and tells him he was emmaculately conceived, was she referring to the way Jesus was conceived.

    The man that gves John a report on his mom tell’s him she’s a schizo. Is it possible the Locke we know is the same. All this time Jack has been telling Locke he’s crazy for believing in fate, and crazy notions of the island telling them things. Is it possible Jack is right? And we’ve been following a mad man all this time. It explains alot, and is sadly the only explaination for everything about the show.

    Sawyer confessed he has contracted an sexually transmitted disease and slept with a prostitute. This means Jack and Juliet both have the same disease, since he’s been with Kate and Jack’s been with Kate.

    The episode ended with a great scene of Locke pounding the hatch door and questioning the events that have unfolded. Sometimes our faith is tested when we live our lives and we question whether anyone cares. Locke receives a sign as if it were a sign from God. Out lives are full of experiences, difficulties and hardships but the suffering has made as better people. As Locke said in Season 5, it’s made him stronger for the experience. How many of us in our lives can say; I would not be where I am today without experiencing the trial i did back then. Like in a game you can not jump to another level until you have complete the previous.

  2. After listening to your podcast and thinking about Locke’s leg, I am starting to think that John died when the plane crashed but now is Un-Locke. Maybe he wasn’t able to be a dominant force, until he turned the donkey wheel and went back to the real world and receive further instructions and to be enlighten while he was dead on the coffin. There’s no doubt something happened to Locke while he was dead, and just like in the resurrection story of Jesus, there were three days where Jesus was doing work in the spirit world. This is possibly where Un-Locke receive further light and knowledge.

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