LOST 1.20 Do No Harm (Jack)

Here is Friday’s poll question:

Do No Harm represents the Hippocratic oath that doctor’s take when they become doctor’s.  Basically it says when doctor’s come to heal their patients their first concern is to not to ever hurt their patients.  Obviously Jack tries to live by this, but he has two overwhelming aspects to his personality which come into conflict.  First he believes he has the power and gifts to cure anyone who is injured.  Jack’s mantra throughout this first season is “I am going to “fix” you”.  Meaning if you are broken I can heal you.  I am thinking of the time Jack steps in to help his dad complete the surgery on the pregnant woman.  His father was called to do it, but Jack takes over.  When the woman dies, Jack blames his father’s alcohol impaired state for the death, but never believes he himself may have something to do with it.

Jack also has a problem “letting go”.  This theme runs throughout the show.  Both Jack’s dad and Kate have told him to let go of things.  In this episode Jack has trouble letting go of Boone when he can no longer be saved from his life threatening injuries.


In the flashback Sarah, Jack’s soon to be wife, calls Jack her “hero” for saving her to walk again.  At their wedding Jack says that Sarah saved him.  But this leaves Jack wondering if he is marrying her because he loves her or because he saved her.  Jack plays this part on the island numerous times, ie saving lives.  But is he thinking of the patient’s wishes?  Boone says it’s okay to let him go and even Sarah said it was okay if she never walked again.

Aaron is born with Kates help

Aaron is born with Kate's help

The scene with Kate helping Claire give birth to Aaron is replayed in season 5 when Sawyer travels back to that place in time while time “shifting” is occuring on the island.  Sawyer does not intervene.  Since Sawyer was on the island, it means he was in two places at once.

Sarah and Jack make beautiful music

Sarah and Jack make beautiful music

Sarah wears a tee shirt with the numbers on it 44.  Jack plays the piano (we see he does this again on the island) with her.  It’s the song Heart and Soul and is the same song that is used in the movie Big for the giant piano scene.

Jack is angry at Locke for lying about how Boone was injured which led Jack to prescribe the wrong treatment causing the blood to pool in his leg.  Jack uses a “pen like” instrument to relieve the pressure  on his lung (just as Boone was trying to find a pen in the series pilot).  Jack stays angry at Locke until Season 5 when he finally believes him about the powers of the island.

Boone tells Jack its okay to let him die

Boone tells Jack its okay to let him die

Boone says “I know you made a promise, I am letting you off the hook” right before Jack is about to amputate his leg.  Rose said something similar about Jack not leaving her when the 815 plane started to shake and break up.

2 Responses

  1. Definitely Mikhail blowing up himself. I was not expecting it and I was just so shocked.

  2. I’ve lost count of how many survivors there are now. I think there might be 46 survivors, let’s assume half are at the beach and half are at the caves, that makes 23, which is one of the numbers. It seems like they may have reached an equilibrium of number of survivors so for Aaron to be born, Boone had to be sacrificed.

    This episode was hard on my stomach. A pen through the lungs, and stiching Boone’s body and not to mention the moments just before Jack wanted to aputate Boone’s leg. Was he wanting to chop both legs or only one was placed in the door?

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