LOST 1.22 Born to Run (Kate)

This is the ultimate Kate episode.  We learn so much about her at this time.  She has needed to run since she was a little girl as evidenced by the time capsule tape recording she made with Tom when they were kids.  She is always volunteering to go on missions on the island, in fact, she insists on going by her catchphrase “I am going with you”.  Kate is a born runner.  But why has she needed to run since she was a little girl?  Does it have something to do with her father, who we find later, had a difficult relationship with her.  Or is there something else?



Well we know why she is running in this episode.  We already know that Kate is a fugitive from the law.  We see her early on in this episode changing licence plates and dying her hair.  She is going under the alias Joan Hart when she picks up a letter from the front desk.  It’s a hand written note probably from Cassidy, but I am not sure.  She starts crying and heads back to Iowa.

In Iowa she visits the hospital pretending to bring flowers to find out where her mom is located and what is wrong with her.  She has cancer.  This isn’t the first sickness is referenced.  Michael’s girlfriend died quickly of a rare blood disease, and Ben Linus had a tumor.  Woman who lived on the island died suddenly during labor.  Richard Alpert points out in Season 5 that Ellie needs to get away from the bomb because she is pregnant presumably due to the radiation.  I still like the theory that Kate and her mom were on the island at some point.  I am still not sure that Annie (who talks to young Ben) might be Kate.

Kate seeks out Tom and they re-establish the bond they had as kids.  They dig up the toy plane that was buried in the time capsule and listen to their plans to marry and have children.  But things don’t work out that way.  And the next day Kate apologizes to her mom, for all she has put her through, which we will find out about in future episodes.  Kate’s mom is somewhat horrified for seeing Kate.  I am still not sure why.  She cries out Help Me (which we heard Jacob or fake Jacob saying to Locke in the cabin).  Kate runs and is stopped by security. She escapes and gets Tom’s car keys.  They flee together.  Tom wants Kate to turn herself in but she can’t.  I am thinking it’s not because she is running from the law, it’s because she needs to get back to the island. I know I need to stop with the time loops.

Kate tries to get to Tom to leave the car, he won’t and he is shot.  The car crashes.  Kate looks back at the toy plane and leaves the car on the run again.

On the island Kate is exposed as the fugitive to everyone, when Sawyer blows her cover.  I am not sure how he find out although he may have pieced together the fact that she wanted the Marshal’s case to her fugitive status.  Kate is also a party to poisioning Michael, not so that she can get a spot on the raft (although she wants one), but because she is helping Sun to keep Jin and the island.  Sun is worried he may die out there and they are not talking right now.  Walt also admits they he burned the raft to his dad.

Kate has about 10 to 15 different license plates.  Meaning she has been (or plans to be) in a lot of different states.  She changes a Nebraska plate to Ohio.  And then goes to Iowa.

Contents of the time capsule

Contents of the time capsule

The New Kids lunch box is unburied to reveal a toy plane, a baseball, the tape, and a hat.  The hat is is a West Hills CA baseball cap.  We have not (yet) seen that location in Lost, but it may be close to were Kate lived in Seasons 4 and 5. Would it be cool if it belongs to Aaron or maybe Kate will have her own son.  We saw Kate steal the lunch box which Jacob later payed for in Season 5. Tom was the lookout.  Jacob told her not to steal again.

Why was Kate’s mom so panicked to see her?  She knew that Kate had killed her father, but did she really think Kate was going to hurt her?  Maybe she was just trying to get Kate to stop running but she had a panicked look on her face.

Kate is one of my favorite characters because she thought (like Sun) that once she found the right man to love she would be happy.  But she accidently killed him and her need to run has prevented her from finding her happiness.

3 Responses

  1. Remember the irony of Red Sox story that Jack’s dad tells Jack, and the very same year the show premiered, the Red Sox won the title. Now the New Kids on the Block make a mention on the show, and they have recently reunited. Does having a mention on Lost bring good luck or what?

    I’m very suprised that you like Kate, TLE? To me she’s one of the most annoying characters, especially because she is involved in the love triange mess that I know you love so much.

    This is the first time we see Dr Artz, and we know he won’t last very much longer. He claims to be a Doctor/scientist of some sort, but admits later he’s only a science teacher. Strangely enough isn’t Jack also a doctor? So who’s he claiming he’s the only doctor.

    Tom is also the name of the other’s Mr Friendly. Talking about time loops, could this be the same Tom.

    It’s strange Kate would refer to her mom as Diane.

    What was the significance of the letter for Joan Hart?

    I was wondering why Walt would want to change his mind about staying on the island, but maybe it has something to do with the hatch, and his warning to Locke not to open it. If he knows it’s going to be opened, then Walt would want to be well away from there.

  2. [“Kate’s mom is somewhat horrified for seeing Kate. I am still not sure why. She cries out Help Me (which we heard Jacob or fake Jacob saying to Locke in the cabin).”]

    Kate had murdered her husband, Wayne Jensen. She murdered the guy in cold blood and she did it for selfish reasons. That is why Diane was horrified to see her again. She feared for her life.

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