LOST 1.23 Exodus Part 1 (S1 Finale)

Here is the Friday poll question:

Exodus is an apt title for this finale episode.  The Losties launch the raft to leave their temporary island residence in search of rescue.  Of course the other Exodus is found in the story of the ancient Hebrews leaving their temporary residence in Egypt to embark on their journey to the promised land.  In both stories there is a bit of a roadblock ahead.

Raft sails into a snow globe

The Raft departs the island

We saw Walt up and awake at like 5 in the morning looking out at Sydney harbor.  Michael is in the hotel room trying to sleep when Walt turns on Power Rangers at full volume.  Obviously Walt is not happy for their planned journey on Oceanic 815, so he annoys Michael best he can and tries to run away with Vincent.  Michael grabs him telling the hotel guest that it’s okay since he’s his father, to which Walt replies “you are not my Father”.

We jump to the island where Walt sees the French chick sneaking into their camp.  She has come to deliver a message.  After she had been on the island she a few months she saw black smoke inland about 5 km, that’s when they came to take her Alex.  The Others.  And they are coming now.  There are only three options: 1) Run, 2) Hide, or 3) Die.  Jack chooses door #1 and #2 when he decides to put the Losties into the hatch.  But first they must get it open.  Rousseau knows there is dynamite at the Black Rock (within the dark territory).  So they go there with Doc Artz along to help as he has volunteered to handle the unstable dynamite.

Along the way, Rousseau tells them that the dark territory is where they became sick and Montand lost his arm.  Artz freaks out and heads back to camp only to be chased by the smoke monster.  But Locke is not afraid, he tells Charlie to stay put while the monster passes in the other direction.  Artz returns to the group and they continue the trek for the Black Rock.

Flashback to a time just after Jack tells the attendant he “needs this to be over, he needs to bury his dad”, when an attractive woman starts to talk to him.  She’s pretty pushy and wants to know why he doesn’t wear a ring.  He tells her he was married once but no more.  (We just saw him get married a few episodes ago). She says she’s Anna Lucia and she’s on his plane in row 42 and kiddingly says she will switch seats with Jack in row 23.  She gets a phone call and they promise to share a drink later.  The call is most likely from her mom as we see the scene following this one in a future episode. She ominously tells Jack “don’t worry the worst part is over”.  We have heard something like this phrase before on Lost, but I can’t remember when.

And now we Sawyer’s story pre-flight.  He was picked up for a bar fight (the same bar Christian was in maybe) head butting a Warren Truss Head of Agriculture.  The authorities decide not to incarcerate James Ford (his real name), because of his long rap sheet, they instead send him home for deportation never to be allowed back into Australia.  Warren Truss is a real person. He is currently the Shadow Minister for Trade, Transport, Regional Development (which sounds really creepy whatever that is).

In Kate’s flashback the marshal makes fun of Kate’s story.  He says he took the toy plane and put it in the safe deposit box.  He says Kate called him numerous times about her “mitigating circumstances”, but he never believed her.  After Kate gets angry and attacks him, the marshal says that’s why he needs 5 guns to carry with him on the plane.  The guns are checked in first class storage, but somehow end up under the seat of two dead passengers.


There are three really well acted and beautiful scenes at the end of this episode.

1) Walt trusts Shannon to take care of Vincent (and since everyone makes fun of Shannon for doing nothing, this leads to Shannon breaking down a bit).  Also Walt tells her Vincent was the only person who would listen to him when his mom died and could help Shannon over Boone’s death.

2) I really enjoyed the touching scene between Sun and Jin.  Jin finally apologizes to Sun after she gives him some English phrases to use on the raft.  Up till now Sun was going to use her English skills to leave Jin and start a new life on her own.  Now she uses what she knows to help him. Okay I choked up a bit during their reconciliation scene.

3) The glorious launching of the raft and Micheal Giacchino’s score.  This has to be an early version of the big Lost theme.   I am hoping we hear it in its full grandeur at the end of the series.  Of course the scene where Vincent swims out to Walt before he tells him to go back is also touching.

And this is only Part 1….

4 Responses

  1. Maybe Jeremy should have input to these polls, they are pretty lame. I’m not judging it on the lines I’m judging it by the shock factor the finale brought.

  2. Of course I agree with you. Jeremy is watching Harper’s Island. I am going to change the poll title a bit, maybe that will help.

  3. Okay, poll is better now. Changed it to read “Favorite Finale” and left phrases in to remind people which is which.

  4. There some good choices but I think the season 3 ending was the best.

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