LOST 1.24 Exodus Part 2 (S1 Finale)

In the second part of the finale, we pick up the story with Charlie wanting a gun to protect Claire. Sayid refuses the request. Meanwhile Rousseau leaves the dynamite team at the Black Rock. Artz and Hurley have a funny moment, while Jack, Kate, and Locke investigate the ship. It’s a mining ship full of slaves headed to or from East Africa. They retrieve the dynamite and Artz carefully removes and wraps it up for transport. As he is warning them about the dangerous of unstable dynamite, it explodes leaving pieces of him all over the place (yuck). Too bad I liked the Doc, but we get to see him again in Expose’ and a some mobisodes.

We then get many flashbacks to what our Losties were doing just prior to the departure of flight 815. Sayid has been released after Shannon accused him of being a terrorist. Sun spills coffee on Jin which leads him to a unexpected meeting with Mr. Paik’s enforcer, who has been following JIn and warns him to deliver the watch to LA or else something will happen to her (Sun). He tells Jin he will never be free. Charlie freaks out when he is down to his last bit of drugs which also causes a groupie/addict to beat the heck out of him to retrieve them for herself.

We see Walt playing on a Game Boy SP when Michael calls his mom to try and convince her to take Walt off his hands. She refuses but Walt overhears this.

Back on the raft, Sawyer is reading the messages in a bottle left by the survivors. He wants to know who this “Hugo guy is that’s worth a hundred million”. The rudder breaks free causing Sawyer to swim after it, which leads to Michael seeing that he is carrying a weapon. The raft sails on until night when they pick up a signal on the radar. As the object starts to head away they debate whether to fire the flare, but Michael does (Walt and Sawyer convince him). The boat that returns is full of the Others including Tom Friendly who “have to take the boy”. All along we thought it was Aaron who they wanted. They take Walt, shoot Sawyer and throw Michael off the boat before they blow it up. Jin tries to save Sawyer from drowning. The last thing we hear as the boat takes his son away is Michael yelling… Waalt!

Stranger things happen back on the island:  Rousseau has stolen the baby in hopes that she can lure the Others to make a swap for Alex. But the Others don’t show up and she breaks down. Charlie calls her a “nutter” and takes the baby back to a very happy and relieved Claire.

Meet our friend, the Monster

Meet our friend, the Monster

The trek back to the hatch with the dynamite is interrupted by an encounter with the Monster. Everyone runs while Locke happily chases after the monster, until it grabs him and pulls him into it’s underground lair. But Jack detonates some dynamite that he stuck in his bag (Kate thought she had it – in fact Kate says she went to the Black Rock just for this purpose), to free Locke.

Whats down the hatch?

What's down the hatch?

They make it back to the hatch and detonate the dynamite, but Hurley almost stops them when he sees the numbers engraved on the hatch door. Locke goes ahead with lighting the fuse anyway as he is convinced this is their destiny. They stare down the hatch while we fans must wait months (back in 2005) to find out what is inside.


  • It’s great how they juxtapose things on Lost. First Michael calls his mom because he doesn’t want to care for Walt. But on the island when Walt is taken, he cries out for him. I should mention that they had reconciled on the raft, when Walt said it was unfair for his mom, to keep Michael away from Walt.
  • In another juxtaposition we see Claire desperately wanting her baby back just a few days after the birth when she said the baby would hate her. She names him Aaron (out of the blue) and doesn’t know why she picked that name. Mr. Eko later points out that Aaron is the brother of Moses. Another reference to Exodus in the holy scriptures.
  • We had to wait a few months to find out what’s in the hatch. If I remember correctly the writers decided to get the hatch mystery over with quickly in Season 2. But it happens so quickly we almost can’t believe what we are seeing.
  • Hurley’s “lucky” good fortune to make it the plane is very funny. He encounters the Numbers everywhere from seeing gate numbers 14-23, to girls soccer jerseys with the numbers arranged in a row.
  • In a nod to Season 5 (or is it visa versa) we see Jack getting ready to detonate a bomb at the Swan station.
  • The Losties are all back on the plane again (Locke is carried on), Hurley gives the thumbs up and Jack nods to Locke. Is it possible that this is not a coincidence and that they knew they were going have to be on this plane together?

One Response

  1. It seems like a party of five + Rousseau is headed out to the black rock. This is not a number that is familiar to the island. Is this why Doc Arzt dies from the dynamite?

    It seems to only rain when the smoke monster is around. It’s also funny that the rain fell in the jungle and not on the beach.

    The old saying is true in regards to absence makes the heart grow fonder or you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. As the time Jin and Sun spend from each other it, makes them appreciate each other more, and Jin keeps loosing Sun and it’s a repeating theme for them.

    This is the first time Rousseau comes into contact with the Losties, and I am looking ever so vigilantly to see if she makes contact with Jin.

    Jack asks Locke if he likes to play games. It’s like Locke is the ultimate game player. It didn’t sound like him making the buzzing noise, it sounded more like Hurley.

    It appears Locke was expecting the same apirition as he received early in the season, as his faced turned to fear, it makes me think that there could be an opposite to the black smoke monster in the white form.

    It’s profound for Locke to tell Jack that it all ends at the hatch. The end of season 5 ended at the hatch. And he also said survival is all relative. Jack says he doesn’t believe in destiny, but locke says he does but he doesn’t realise it yet. That’s fairly prophetic.

    Locke get’s carried onboard, that means if he needed to go to the bathroom he would also need to be carried, good thing for him, they flight didn’t make it all the way to LA

    Is it coincidence we see a pillar of smoke which is claimed by Rousseau to be the others, and the monster actually showing itself to be made of smoke.

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