LOST 2.02 Adrift (Michael)

We return to the hatch from a different perspective and follow the events on the raft.

The Raft:

Sawyer pulls himself out of the raft wreckage and finds Michael unconscious in the water.  Using a blend of Jack’s brand of CPR (pound the guy’s chest until you break a few ribs or revive the person) and Fate, he brings Michael back to life.  Of course Mike wants to know where his son is and decides that by yelling enough Walt will know that he will come to rescue him (or drive us insane whichever comes first).  Sawyer starts yelling for Jin as well who is missing in action.  Anyway they argue about who was at fault for Walt’s abduction just as a shark comes to attack them and what’s left of the raft.  This isn’t your standard man eating shark, no it’s been bred by the Others and even has their brand name stenciled on the tail (it’s all about the marketing baby!).  Luckily Mike shoots the shark and kills it before it can turn Sawyer into the one armed man without a shirt.  The next day Mike is inconsolable, he blames himself for bringing Walt on the raft.  But when all hope is lost they look up to see the Island looming in the distance.  They’re home (sort of).  When they land at the beach they hear Jin’s voice in the distance he is okay (sort of).  He runs toward them with his hands tied behind his back yelling a warning in Korean.  Which translates into the Others are Coming, the Others are Coming.  And we see them headed straight toward them.

The Hatch:

Back at the hatch, we see the events there from Locke’s perspective.  He leaves his shoes by the door either out of respect or because he wants to sneak up on whoever lives there.  Then he finds Kate semi-conscious waking up on the floor.  He goes to help her when a man comes behind pointing a rifle at them.  He wants to know if Locke is “him”, meaning his replacement.  Locke decides to go along with this until he asks “what does one snowman say to another”, which Locke can’t answer.  The man decides to tie him up but Locke insists only Kate needs to be tied up as she is a fugitive.  But he slips her knife so she can get free.  In the storage room she does exactly that and when she turns on the light finds a room full of food and products labeled Dharma this and Dharma that.  She makes her escape through the air vent and takes some Apollo candy bars with her.  Locke and the man who calls himself Desmond talk about his time in the hatch and how Locke and the Oceanic group got there and if any of them are sick.  A loud buzz rings out and Des forces Locke to type the Numbers into the computer and when he hits Execute the timer resets to 108 minutes.  It’s about this time that Jack enters the hatch yelling for Kate.  The music plays loudly and Jack wants to know where Kate is.  Desmond shoots at her position in the air duct.  And Jack looks up to see that he knows this man.

Michael flashback:

Mike’s flashback shows the time during which he tries to legally get his son Walt back from Susan. She wants Mike to give up his fatherly rights, so she and Brian can adopt him.  Mike hires a cheapo lawyer to represent him.  Susan’s lawyers call Mike a bad father.  They come to a settlement, Mike gives up Walt because Susan tells him Walt will be better off while Mike is still out of work.  He says good bye to him by giving him a stuffed polar bear, just like the one on the island (only a tad bit smaller of course).


The hatch, the mural, and the computer room were much discussed during the first showing of this episode.  I am not sure who painted the mural (Desmond according to Lostpedia).  The computer room was a geodesic dome in order to protect the equipment from electromagnetism.

Dharma logo on the shark

Dharma logo on the shark

The Dharma shark was one of the coolest easter eggs ever on Lost.  You really had to freeze frame the picture to get a really good look at it.  In Season 3 we discover where the sharks were kept.  The sharks make an appearance in the Lost video game also.

There was a game during Season 2 where they gave away real Apollo bars to people in select cities.  [Editors note:  As I am typing this it is exactly 40 years since the Apollo moon mission had a man walk on the moon for the first time].

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