LOST 2.04 Everybody Hates Hugo (Hurley)

Hurley episodes are usually funny and this is one of the best.

Hurley Recap:

In a Hurley dream sequence, he sees Jin speaking English and some guy dressed in a chicken suit.  Back in the real world, Hurley is given the job of food itemizer and distributor.  Right now he is considered the most popular of the castaways, but that might all change now that he has been given the job by Jack to ration the food from the Hatch so it lasts.  This brings us to Hurley’s flashback, where we see him winning the lottery, but he keeps it a secret from everyone, even his mom.  He goes to work the next day at Mr. Cluck’s fast food chicken place, where his boss Randy (the same guy who was Locke’s supervisor), tells him to stop stealing the chicken.   And he asks Hurley “are you made of money”, which of course he will be soon, once he cashes in the lottery ticket.  His friend quits to and then visit Starla at the record shop after making fun of a Drive Shaft album.  After taunting Hurley’s boss with a “cluck you”, they head to get some snacks at a convenience store (guess its where Hurley bought the ticket) where Hurley is recognized as the winner of the lottery.

Raft and Tailey Recap:

The Tailey’s release the raft folks from the pit after realizing they were all on flight 815.  They head through the jungle with Anna Lucia calling all the shots and Sawyer resenting it.  They end up at door covered in vegetation.  This is a new Hatch called the Arrow.  There were 23 tail section survivors now there numbers are less (because some were kidnapped).  An older man asks if they have seen a black woman named Rose.  This is Bernard her husband.

Back on the island:

Hurley is keeping secrets from Charlie, but he finds out from Locke that Hurley has been to the Hatch and his job is passing out the food.  Charlie wants some peanut butter for Claire, but Hurley won’t let him fearing that they will all be asking for something soon and Hurley will be hated.  Hurley invites Rose to see the washer/dryer in the Hatch.  Later Hurley decides to detonate the food pantry with the dynamite from the Black Rock but Rose talks him out of it.  Hurley asks Jack if he can just give all the food away and he agrees.  The episode ends with a montage of a happy picnic on the beach and Claire’s peanut butter wish comes true.


  • In the dream Jin speaks English and this episode he doesn’t seem to have a difficult time understanding English very much either.
  • You can hear Carlton Cruse’s voice in the lottery winning announcement on TV.  He says “it’s been 16 weeks without a winner”.
  • Claire was the secret word at comic con this year.  The winner received a trophy bird who carried Claire’s message of help off the island.
  • Hurley looks with disdain at the ranch composite dressing.  It becomes his favorite Dharma food on the island.
  • Rose keeps an Apollo bar for Bernard who is a dentist with a sweet tooth.
  • Hurley and Locke share the same boss, Randy.
  • Sayid says he’s not seen anything like this since Chernobyl in talking about the concrete reinforcement around the EM in the hatch.  I am guessing they do this reinforcement soon after “The Incident”.
  • Charlie accuses Hurley of becoming “The Man”.  It reminded me of “School of Rock” where Jack Black says rock music is about “sticking it to The Man”.
  • What was the Arrow station for?  Sayid says he thought there was a geothermal generator at the Swan to produce electrical power.
  • You can see Sun’s wedding ring disappear when she buries the bottle.
  • Locke says “Change is good”.  In season 5 he told Sawyer the same thing when he told Locke they could go back and fix their mistakes.  Locke says he does not want to, because he would not have ended up on the island.  This to me might be a big theme in Season 6.  Do we really want to change the past?

3 Responses

  1. I forgot about this scene as Hurley has a dream. I think this is where we first got the theory that the whole show was in Hurley’s head. How does one box a steak dinner anyhow?

    I don’t know why Sawyer isn’t being healed by the island. I thought the island had healing properties. Or did it all start when the swan hatch imploded.

    I find it hard to believe that the tailies dug that pit. A pit that size would have taken months to dig without shovels.

    Sawyer get’s a rock to the head, add it to the list of pain he’s been through, shot, tortured by Sayid, punched, kicked, kneed in the crotch.

    What a funny moment with his mom. Jesus sent him the lotto winnings. Which brings me to a good question. When Hurley was in the mental hospital and Abaddon visited him, so did Walt. Remember when Walt played Backgammon with Hurley and won $20,000. I’m suprised Walt didn’t ask for his money off island.

    Even Charlie thinks the idea of pushing a button every 108 minutes is a bit nutty, non-religious people view religion the same way and say that the beliefs are crazy.

    The tailies started with 23, then the others picked them off until they are down to 5+3=8.

    At this point in time, what happened to the caves? I never got an explaination on why they don’t use the caves anymore.

  2. the arrow was for weapons development. it’s revealed in season 5. It was created in case of “hostiles.”

  3. Cekma,
    Thank you, I missed that. Apparently Pierre Chang revealed this during an Arrow Orientation film taping. Lostpedia reports that Radzinsky edited the video and left the clips in the Bible. Why is still a mystery.

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