LOST 2.05 … And Found (Jin and Sun)

The writers have done it again with another clever title.  Last time the Jin and Sun episode was … In Translation, and this one is …. And Found.

The “And Found” refers to Sun losing something precious and then finding it.  It also refers to Jin finding something precious while losing his job.

This is another in a string of great episodes.  So I was curious (for once) to look at the viewership ratings back for the end of Season 1 and the start of this one.

Lost was averaging between 19 million and 21 million viewers and was in the top ten for 10 out of 11 weeks.  They will stay in the top ten for a few more weeks after this until they after the Fire + Water episode.


Sun is missing Jin after 4 days, she knows there is something wrong with the raft because they found the messages in the bottle.  She realizes she has lost her wedding ring.  In the flashback,  she is being coaxed to marry by her father through her mother who sets her up on a blind date with a rich young man.  Jin and the other hand is not looking for love, but wants a respectable job, not like his father who was a fisherman.  But his friend says he will find it and orange is his lucky sign.

Jack tells the tale of his lost ring.  He bought a replica to replace it and now it’s in his sock drawer at home (because he is no longer married).

A man at the Seoul (or is it soul, wink) Gateway Hotel gives Jin the doorman’s job after insulting him for being a fisherman.  He tells him not to let in people like him.  But Jin accepts the job hoping to move up the corporate ladder.

Back at the pit, Sawyer, Anna and the gang discuss the Others.  They live inland and they are very dangerous.  Michael takes off looking for Walt in that direction.  Jin and Eko go after him and on the way they discover a dead man.  Jin says “Others” as in ‘the others killed him’.  Eko nods yes as in ‘this was an Other and his name is Goodwin’. Speaking of Others, they are hiding when a “second” group of others appear.  Some men, woman, and children in raggedy clothes with a teddy bear in tow.

They find Mike screaming that famous saying into the wind and the waterfall, Waaalt!  They talk him into returning with them.

Sun is desparte enough to listen to Hurley tell her about his dog crapping nickels.   She cries, and Locke consoles her by saying he learned how to stop worrying about finding something, by giving up looking.

In an ironic scene, Jae Lee, the man at the hotel, gets a flower from Jin to give to Sun.  He is liking his blind dates with Sun, but really wants to return to marry his American girlfriend and live there.

(Who are the American girls? – Kate, Shannon, Libby).  We don’t know much of Libby’s backstory yet.  She married David who gave her a boat that Desmond sailed on.   Jae went to Harvard so he probably met ‘her’ there.  Another more likely option is Charlotte, because she could speak Korean.  But Charlotte was from England.  Rats !  The writers may be stuck because Cynthia Watros did not want to return to the show to do her flashback.

When Sun learns that Jae is just there with her to appease his parents, she leaves somewhat heartbroken.  Jin has just lost his job, because he let a poor fisherman’s son use the bathroom at the hotel.  On his way home he sees a girl in Orange (maybe its time for love after all).  But has he turns to talk to her he bumps into another girl.  It’s Sun.

Back on the island, Sun goes to uncover the bottle she buried about two episodes ago.  Kate wants to read Sawyer’s last message because she did not get to say goodbye ( I think we have just ventured into soap opera here).  In the process Sun finds her ring which fell off during the bottle burial.  She breaks down in tears.


See discussion above of Jae Lee’s possible girlfriend in America.

This group of Others is not Ben Linus’s group since they move without leaving tracks.  It must be Richard Alpert’s group.  Why don’t they leave tracks (are they dead spirits come to life on the island?).

Wasn’t Zack carrying a teddy bear? And Goodwin said (later) that Zack was in a much better place.  Is he talking about heaven or does he mean he is with the Alpert group?  We also saw Zack with Cindy in Season 3 talking to Jack.  “We are here to watch”, she said.  Whatever that means.

One Response

  1. Jack makes reference to a fake ring a replica, kinda the same way UnLocke is a replica of Locke.

    I can’t believe Jin is still wearing the hand-cuffs

    Locke tells Sun in order to find something, you have to stop looking. The same way the Oceanic 6 were found, the media and the public stopped looking for it, because Widmore had placed a dummy wreckage in the bottom of the ocean.

    I don’t have to tell you how Sun found her ring, she utilizes the Magic Box.

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