LOST 2.06 Abandoned (Shannon)

Okay, I admit I said I never liked Shannon and I never will like Shannon.  But I kind of respect Shannon now that I remember her flashback episode.  Shannon was a fragile creature and she so desperately wanted to go to NY to be a dancer.  But she had those dreams crushed by a) her father dying, and b) her stepmother giving her none of her inheritance… so, well let’s say… Shannon deserved to have a good life like everyone else, but she feared being abandoned, and it ruined her.


“They’re coming and they’re close” is what Walt appears to say (backward) as Shannon waits for Sayid to return to their tent after he goes to get her some water.  Well Walt is soaking wet does that count?  This is the second time she has seen him after he left on the raft to find rescue.  We know that he was captured by the Others.  So how can he be in two places at once?  And what does it mean “they’re coming”?  This is a scene reminiscent of when Brother Yemmi visited Eko in his tent (which comes later in S3).  Yemmi gets Eko to go after him in the jungle, just like Walt lures Shannon out.  They both meet their untimely demise (or is it demises?).

Strike a pose - Its Shannon

Strike a pose - It's Shannon

Shannon just wants Walt to be safe (thinking he has come back to camp).  So she uses Vincent his dog to sniff him out.  Instead the nice doggy just takes her to Boone’s grave so Shannon can relive that experience all over again.  Is this the island “testing” her to get her to admit her loneliness and feelings of abandonment?


Shannon is teaching a girl’s ballet class when she tells her friend she really hopes to get an (unpaid) internship at a prestigious dance school in NY City.  Just then she gets a call from her step-mom, her dad Adam Rutherford was injured in a car crash.  When they get to the hospital the doctor tells them that he never regained consciousness.  At the wake Boone shows up from NY.  He tries to convinces his mom (her step-mom) can be reasonable if Shannon will just talk to her, but Shannon says she was always jealous of her relationship with her dad.  Later, Shannon gets the internship, but has no money to go, so she asks the step-mom for her inheritance.  But her dad left no will and the step-mom is in control of the estate. She thinks Shannon is lazy and spoiled and that her dad would want her to fend for herself, so she gives her nothing and kicks her out of her own house.  Shannon pleads with her stepbrother for money from his mom, but he gets nothing.  He was just offered a job to work at his mom’s business.  He does try to give Shannon some money, but when he refuses to acknowledge that his sister could make it on her own, she throws it back at him.  (In an episode from S1, Shannon cons her brother for money).

Back on the island:

Sawyer and Anna wait for Eko to return.  Just as he is saying Mike only cares about himself, Mike shows up.  They head toward the 815 survivors camp. But Sawyer’s gun shot wound is infected.  Sawyer passes out and needs to be carried the rest of way.  Anna wants to leave him (saying he is dead already) and when Eko suggests a shortcut through Others territory she balks but eventually gives in saying “I liked you better when you didn’t talk”, which is foreshadowing an Eko episode to come.

We also learn that Libby is a clinical psychologist and Locke knows how to swaddle a baby.  He also calls Charlie a hypocrite for saying Claire has a lot to learn (about mothering) while Charlie is addict – recovering addict.

Anna’s group climbs a hill when all of a sudden Cindy (the flight attendant) just vanishes.  Who got her?  My guess was it was Richard’s Alpert’s group because we see Cindy later alive and well in S3.

Shannon and Sayid chase after Vincent looking for Walt.  Shannon tells Sayid that he will leave her like all the other people in her life did (Her mom, her dad, her step-mom, Boone, the guys that used her, even Walt).  Sayid professes he lost someone too (Nadia) and he won’t leave her.  But then they see Walt again.  She chases after him and a gun shot is heard. Sayid finds her staggering with a bullet to the chest and Anna holding the pistol.


  • After seeing people return from the dead, I actually wonder if Anna is not telling the truth about Sawyer when she says “He is already dead”.  Remember Charlie looked dead before he was revived, and so did Locke before Jacob revived him.  And of course, Locke was killed by Ben and now walks the island (at least one version of him does).
  • Remember that Bea said to Michael (in the episode 3 minutes) that Walt has been in places where he shouldn’t be. Is Walt time traveling or somehow projecting himself from one place to the next?
  • It’s funny how they keep making us think that Goodwin was killed by the Others.
  • I still remember how during the original airing, us fans over-analyzed Shannon’s death (to death).  She’s not really dead.  Anna didn’t really shoot her.  It was an Other hidden off to the side somewhere.  Etc. Etc.

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