All About Lost ReWatch Eps 8 (S2 3-6)

T.L.E. and Jeremy cover the next batch of episodes as a part of the Lost Rewatch. Episode complete with lots of analysis and the Friday poll question.
Episode List:
2.03 Orientation
2.04 Everybody Hates Hugo
2.05 And Found
2.06 Abandoned

MP3 File

2 Responses

  1. I didn’t mind that the podcast went for 2 hours. I’ve listened to the Lostaholics podcast and those can go in excess of 3 hours, and they also have a lost-ramble podcast that went over 6 hours. That’s too much even if you are talking about LOST in a single seating.

  2. I’m with TLE on the whole Juliet is alive theory. And this is the equation to prove it.

    Nuclear Detonation = bang (explosion)
    Electromagnetic Incident = implosion

    Nuclear Detonaton + Electromagnetism = fail safe (minor crater)

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