Friday Poll Question and LOST 2.07 The Other 48 Days

This episode follows the story of the Oceanic 815 Tailies from crash to Collision.  It’s a happy day for us blog writers, no flashback/flash-forward/or time travel to deal with!  Yeah Baby!

We start out with a quiet day at the beach.  Plenty of sun, nice trade winds, the sound of the surf, white metal objects falling from the sky, a tail section splashdown, burning wreckage, and a row of seats that smashes us to pieces.  Aah, life on a deserted island, what could be better?

Anna Lucia comes up from under the water gasping for air.  Eko, Libby and the rest of the tailes (who are alive) swim to shore.  Zach makes it to the beach, but his sister Emma lies face down in the water, and requires resuscitation to revive her.  Libby snaps a man’s broken leg back into place.  It’s chaos.  Goodwin yells for help and he and Anna make for the jungle where Bernard is stuck in his seat high in a tree.  He jumps to safety just before the seat comes crashing down.

The first night on the beach, people come to take some of them away.  Three are captured but Eko resists and ends up killing two people with a rock.  He is so upset he goes into a state of silence.  The next day, Cindy the stewardess informs them that the plane was going in the wrong direction for two hours and the rescue teams won’t know where to look for them.  On day 5, Donald dies from his leg wound.  On day 7, they find a chicken (on a deserted island, how is that?), and Eko starts carving his stick.  On day 12, they come again and take nine more people.  Anna kills one of them and finds a list with some of their names and descriptions.  Zach and Emma were taken.  Nathan was not taken because he was not a good person we find out later.

On day 15, they make a camp, and they next day Anna digs a pit.  Libby expresses concern about Nathan not being seen on the plane.  Anna throws Nathan into the pit and makes him stay 4 days.  She promised the little girl Emma she would get her to her mother in LA.  Day 23 Goodwin gives food to Nathan and then kills him.  The next day Nathan is gone (they think he escaped), but Goodwin was afraid Anna would find out the truth that Nathan really was on the plane.  She threatened to cut off a finger to get to the truth.

On day 27, they find a Dharma station (no hatch, just a door) with an Arrow in the logo.  They find a bible, an eye, and a working radio.  Quarantine is stenciled on the door, and there are electric lights.  Goodwin says it might be a storage facility.  He and Anna go to see if the radio works on higher ground.

On their trek up hill they stop and Anna shows him the knife she found on one of the Others, it’s an US Army knife from about 20 years ago.  She asks him why he was not wet like the rest of the survivors.  Did he come from the jungle, is that how he saw Bernard?  Earlier Goodwin said the people that were taken were in a “better place” and that the Others were misunderstood.  Anna and Goodwin fight until Goodwin accidently impales himself on Anna’s stake she is holding.

On day 41, Bernard tries out the radio and hears Boone on the Other end.  This is a bit longer conversation than what I remember.  Anna tells him it’s just a trick by the Others to lure them out of hiding.  Anna goes off by herself.  It’s been 40 days since Eko stopped talking.  Anna cries and finally breaks down knowing that she does not have to be strong anymore (now that the infintrated is dead and they have shelter).  She also cries because earlier she was asked if she had children.  We will learn her tragic backstory soon.

On day 45 they find Jin washed up on shore.  (He washed up again in Season 5 in a time travel episode when the freighter blew up and he ended up with Rouseau’s team in 1988).  They try to question him.  He escapes and finds Sawyer and Mike on the beach, but Eko beats them silly with his stick.  They drag a very sick Sawyer back to the Losties and on day 48 they lose Cindy, hear whispers and Anna mistakenly shoots Shannon out of fear.


  • Why was Quarantine stenciled on the Flame station door?  I could see it being on the Swan hatch to keep Desmond from leaving so he would push the button every 108 minutes.   I think they may really have needed to quarantine people after Juliet set off the thermo nuclear bomb in Season 5 (1977).  But our Losties would be safe because they traveled in time at that instant.
  • Forty days is an important Biblical number.  The ark of Noah was at lifted by rains for forty days and forty nights.  Moses was on the mountain of God for 40 days before receiving the 10 commandments, Jonah gave the Ninevites 40 days to repent, Jesus was 40 days in the wilderness.  And Eko waited 40 days to speak as a penance for killing two men.  This was not the first time he killed someone.  Here are some more of the 40 days.
  • Anna found a U.S. Army knife about 20 years old.  But Widmore was British soldier dressed in U.S. Army clothes.  Perhaps the knife comes from the Army folks who brought Jughead to the island in 1954.  I believe the knife may have belonged to Kate’s “dad” Sam Austen, who was in the Army and probably on the Jughead team.
  • Ed. note:  Kate is not a bad person.  She has probably been doing something for her dad from the very beginning to help him undo something he did on the island.  That’s my theory at least.  P.S. I know Kate being “good” is the minority view among most fans.
  • I understand the bible (as it hid the missing part of the Orientation video), and I understand the radio (as they needed it to talk to Boone), but what is the purpose of the glass eye? Patchy never had a glass eye, he had an eye patch.  We saw that patch removed and nothing under it but empty skin.  Also, who put those items there?  My guess is it was put there by the Losties themselves.

4 Responses

  1. ah man; that’s a bad choice of background and font color.
    it’s probably intentional, lol

  2. We see a mirroring in many ways of the Tailies vs Losties. Jack is the leader Ana Lucia is the leader, they both enjoy a drink, and even met before boarding the plane. They both have careers where their parents are in charge.

  3. In the orientation film, Marvin Candle’s left eye doesn’t move. Some are suggesting it’s his glass eye. Which would suggest that the lose of his eye could have been to do with an accident post-incident times.

  4. [” Kate is not a bad person. She has probably been doing something for her dad from the very beginning to help him undo something he did on the island. That’s my theory at least. P.S. I know Kate being “good” is the minority view among most fans.”]

    Guess what? You’re wrong.

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