LOST 2.23, 2.24 Live Together, Die Alone (S2 Finale)

This is my second most favorite Lost finale in the five seasons of the show.  It’s Penny’s words to Desmond that always get to me.


Flashback part:

Des is released from jail with his watch, some keys, his picture with Penny, and a book of Dicken’s which he has decided will be the last book he reads before he dies.  He has been dishonorably discharged for not following orders in the Royal Scottish Regimen.  Outside Widmore is there with a all of Des’ letters to Penny.  He tries to bribe him not to see her again.  He also tells him Penny is going to marry someone very soon.  Des flies to Los Angeles to begin training for a boat race around the world.  We see him preparing to run up the stadium steps (Jack is seen in the background) when Penny appears.  She said you can find anyone with enough money and time (foreshadowing her search for Desmond after his boat is lost).  Desmond needs to get his honor back and show Widmore he is not a coward.

Unfortunately Des’ boat is capsized in a storm and Des ends up on Lost island.  He is dragged from the shore to the hatch by Kelvin Inman a CIA spook, who was also kicked out of the service when his men followed his orders.  Last we saw he was speaking Korean to Sayid in Iraq.  He joins the DI and Radzinsky teaches him the secrets of the island.  You must be injected or you will be sick, the Lockdown can be triggered manually, the button must be pushed every 108 minutes or else use the failsafe, and there is a hidden map on the blast door.  Kelvin is training Des to be his replacement but Des does not know this.  Kelvin tells him that Radzinsky shot himself after going crazy.

Until one day Des follows him outside the quarantined hatch where Kelvin takes off his mask and heads for the cove where he has hidden Desmond’s boat.  Des is furious that he has kept him there for 3 years without telling him the truth.  Desmond knocks Kelvin against a rock and leaves him for dead to go back and push the button.  But he is too late and the EM begins to leak causing the hieroglyphs to show and strange sounds to be heard.

Des reaches the breaking point when he realizes all his Lost.  He has wasted his time on this island trying to win Penny back and now he is stuck in a hatch with no one to talk to and little hope for the future, trapped pushing a button in futility.  He is about to kill himself when he picks up the Dickens book to begin reading it, when all of a sudden a letter from Penny drops out.  She knew about the book and wrote a letter to remind Desmond of something very important.

Please don’t give up, Des. Because

all we really need to survive is one

person who truly loves us.

And you have her. I will wait for

you. Always.

Desmond freaks out and tries to destroy the hatch, when he hears a noise.  It is Locke pounding on the hatch the day he lost his faith in the island, the day Boone dies because of Locke’s actions.  Des is not alone anymore.  Three days later he gets a visit from Locke and repeats what Kelvin asked him when he showed up in the hatch, What does one snowman say to the other?

Current time:

Des left the island a few weeks back when the computer was destroyed.  He tried to go to Fiji but he believes he is stuck in a “bloody snowglobe” and can’t escape.  Charlie (sarcastically) tells Locke that Des has returned.  Locke finds him drinking heavily at the beach and asks him, so what does one snowman say to another?  Smells like carrots, he replies.  Locke tells him about the Pearl station psychological experiments.  He believes the button is just a mind game.  So Des wonders why he still pushes it.  John has stopped but Eko has taken up the cause.  They decide to get Eko to stop.  They trick him by using the lockdown procedure.  Eko will not give up and tries to convince them to push the button.  Locke will not but Desmond is not so sure.  Locke gives him the log from the Pearl and Des realizes the day he stopped pushing the button Oceanic 815 crashed.  Eko uses dynamite to try to open the door.  Des opens it to get the Dickens book where the fail safe key is.  He must get to the fail-safe or they will all die.  Des realizes that Locke saved his life so Des could save them all.  The hatch begins to implode, with magnetic objects flying all over the place.  Des goes to turn the key telling Locke he is sorry he lost his faith, but it is all real.  He turns the key and…..

On the other side of the island, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley figure out that Michael betrayed them when they notice that an Other is already following them.  Sayid figured this out already and his plan is to stake out the Others at their ramshackle camp.  When he gets their he sees it was all a fake, the door leads into a rock, the Others are not there.  He tries to warn Jack by setting off the signal fire, but too late.  Jack and the group are captured.  Michael trades them for Walt and goes sailing off on a bearing of 325 as Ben has told them that is the way to rescue.  It’s then that the key was turned and a violet haze is seen in the sky and loud noise and then nothing.  Did time itself change?  Jack’s group will be going with Ben to a new location (home Ben calls it).

Back on the Losties side the huge hatch door comes crashing down nearly hitting Claire and Bernard.  Charlie appears from the jungle.  He survived but where is Locke, Eko and Desmond?  He and Claire share a moment when night falls.  And then we are watching a scene somewhere in the South Arctic.  A Portuguese team of scientist realize their equipment is telling them they have spotted the EM anomaly there were looking for.  They call Penny to tell her, “We think we have found it!”.  LOST


  • By Penny’s bedside is the picture they took together in England.  There are three duplicate pictures.  Des has one, Penny has one, and Naomi has one.  How did this happen?  The day of the picture taking Des and Penny never saw each other again.  I guess a simple answer would be Penny went back to the photographer and asked for a copy.  But then how did Naomi get one?
  • Desmond lost his faith in the hatch, Locke helped him regain it.  Locke lost his faith pushing the button, but Desmond helped him regain it at the hatch.  All roads lead here (that hatch).
  • Who’s idea was it to make the list of names for Michael to get?  Benry was locked in the gun closet the whole time.  There was a couple of minutes when he pushed the button for Locke during Lockdown.  I guess he could have sent a quick message then.
  • Mike said he accidentally killed Libby, but would Hurley have gone with them if he hadn’t shot her.  Maybe Hurley is right, Mike would have killed her also even if he had time to think.
  • The big question.  How did Penny know to look for an Electromagnetic anomaly to find the island?  My theory was that she was actually looking for Desmond’s boat and that the island was blocking the signal until the fail-safe key was turned.

LOST 2.22 Three Minutes (Michael)

Like the Other 48 Days, this episode has only on-island flashbacks which is good because what more do we need to know about Michael except he is trying to get his son back (and yet he seems to know very little about him).


Thing pop back and forth however I am just going to put the events here in chronological order.  A few episodes ago Mike sat down at the computer and while the Orientation tape said to NOT use the computer for anything but the Numbers, he decided to try and communicate.  Sure enough someone answered back with a “Dad ?”, leading him to believe that Walt was texting him.  (I am still not sure who really did this, probably Ben).  In this episode, Mike fools Locke into giving him a gun, he knocks him out, and locks Jack up so he can go after his son.  Before that he types to Walt who tells him to go North to the other side and find a rock with a square hole.  The A team then follows him.  Mike runs into some Other guy fertilizing a tree.  He recognizes Mike and asks about Walt which allows Zeke Friendly to grab his rifle getting off two rounds.  Then Mike uses his pistol a few times, anyway I counted seven shots which matches what Locke/Jack and company heard.  They only found two casings, so I am guessing the Others went back and put the rifle shells in another location for them to find.  Anyway Mike is caught be Zeke’s slingshot bolo.

Alex asks about Claire

Alex asks about Claire

During the night they stop allowing the A team to catch up.  Locke wants to go back to camp, but Jack won’t let Mike leave for fear that if something happens to him it will be on their heads.  We then see that Kate is captured while Mike is questioned by Alex about the wellfare of Claire and the baby.  I think Kate followed because she is Jack’s constant but that whole “constant” story line seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Anyway, Zeke says ‘light um up’,and  they get the A team’s gun’s in exchange for Kate.  Even though Alex could not bring Kate out to Jack, she manages to rifle butt Mike in the head.

They bring him to their dilapidated camp.  The Others are dressed in tattered clothes gaurding a bunch of teepees and a door that looks like a hatch into the mountain.  They draw his blood and ask Mike questiosn about Walt including has he been sick and ever shown up where he wasn’t supposed to be.  Mike says he was on the other side of the world at the time to which Bea Klugh asks did he see him there.  [Remember how Ben ended up on the other side of the world in Seasons 4/5 when he traveled to Tunisia?].   They allow him to visit with Walt for three minutes.

Walt tells him about tests he’s taken.  Bea gives Mike a list of names and tells him to release Benry and then bring Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sawyer back with him and if he does, Walt and he can be free and leave the island.

At the funeral of Ana and Libby, Hurley decides to join the hunt for Ben.  Locke ditches his crutches and decides not to push the button after watching Charlie throw his heroin statues away.  And Sun sees a boat headed towards them.


Pickett tells Mike he will see him in the “funny pages”, not “See you in another life, brother”.  I think this is significant because….

Eko tells Mike the story about the boy and his dog.  (Mike is wiping up the blood from the time he killed Ana and Libby).  In the story the boy kills his dog for attacking his sister.  The boy did not care about forgiveness but he was worried about meeting that dog in hell.  So the inference in my mind is that we may not see Mike in another life brother because he has chosen the way to hell, i.e. choosing not to forgive and seek forgiveness.

Charlie is tested by a dog

Charlie is tested by a dog

Charlie gets a present from Vincent, the Virgin Mary statues.  He leads them to Sawyer’s stash where he gets them all and throws them into the Ocean.  Was Vincent testing Charlie?  It’s interesting that once the statues served their purpose (easing the pain of Libby’s passing), they could be disposed of.

LOST 2.21 (?) Question Mark (Eko)

Okay now. This was a very cool and creepy Lost episode. The scream of Mr./Mrs. Malkin’s daughter returning to life ranks right up there with the first “sighting” of invisible Jacob in the cabin.

Recap: Ana is dead, but the first thing we see is an Eko vision where Ana comes to warn him that he needs to help Locke. Her lip is bleeding which is interesting because usually it’s the nose that’s a bleeding on Lost. Then Eko sees Yemmi in the hatch who also tells him to help John locate the Question mark, which we know, appeared on the blast door map when John was pinned during Lockdown.

Mrs. Malkin tells a resurrection story to Eko

Mrs. Malkin tells a resurrection story to Eko

In the hatch, Libby comes back to life, so to speak, which freaks out Michael since he shot her and she could identify him as the killer of Ana. Luckily for him she dies, but not before saying “Michael” which Jack thinks means “Is Michael okay”. In a side story Sawyer has to show Kate where the guns are hidden in order to get the heroin to help Libby.

In the flashback: Eko is a practicing priest in Australia where he is giving confession to a man who is really just there to give Eko a fake passport for a trip to Los Angeles. His monsignor shows up to introduce him to Mrs. Malkin whose daughter drowned but was then apparently resurrected from the dead the next day. The monsignor wants Eko to investigate particularly because Eko is skeptical of the report.

Charlotte Malkin visits other places

Charlotte Malkin visits other places

He first visits the coroner who is skeptical too, but has a tape recorder version of the events of the autopsy on young Charlotte Malkin. We hear her screaming when the doctor tries to open her up for the exam (which was spine tingling and nerve rattling for me the first time I saw this). He then wants to talk to the daughter but Mr. Malkin won’t let him. He says his wife is making up the resurrection story to get back at him for being a psychic and a fraud. He believes his daughter went into hypothermia in the cold river and was in a comatose state until revived the next day. And the doctor was merely tring to protect his practice for nearly cutting open an alive patient.

Eko is willing to report the girl is alive as the miracle (and not the resurrection) to his superiors. As Eko is boarding flight 815, Charlotte approaches him to give him a message from Yemmi, that Eko is a good man and he should have faith himself because Yemmi still does (even though we know Yemmi died earlier). Charlotte said she met Yemmi when she was “between places”.

On the island Locke and Eko are tracking Ben but lose the trail when Eko says he is really taking John to find the “question mark”. John denies knowing anything about it until he has dream where he is Eko and Yemmi is directing him to climb up where the Beechcraft plane used to be. When the real Eko does this he sees a “q” on the ground which was made by someone pouring salt on the jungle floor.

Underneath the now fallen plane they find the Pearl hatch, and inside the Pearl station which was a psychological location with tv’s for monitoring the other stations. This leads John to believe pushing the button was a joke and his life has been one pathetic circumstance after another. But for Eko this has enhanced his faith in the island and he decides he will push the button now that John has decided to leave it.


  1. Locke says this is nothing but Rats in a Maze without Cheese to explain the psychological experiments. Faraday also trained Eloise the rat without cheese in his time travel experiment. I believe the whole show of Lost is basically a bunch a people trapped in a time maze, who are trying to find their way out.
  2. Jeremy noticed Eko limping while he followed Yemmi’s instruction to climb up to the Beechcraft. Basically he limped because this was Locke’s dream and Locke was still hurt from Lockdown.
  3. Locke’s mention of “all this is meaningless” reminded me of Ecclesiastes from the bible. Wikipedia lists some translations of Ecclesiastes 1:2

* “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

* “Meaningless of meaninglessness! All is meaningless!”

* “Futility of futilities, all is futile.”

* “Absolutely pointless! Everything is pointless.” (An American Translation)

In this Orientation video, Mark Wickmund, aka Piere Chang, can use both his arms implying that this video was taped before the Incident while the Swan video was taped after.

Eko says he wants to visit some friends in LA.   Could it be he is going to visit the LA X?  Los Angeles 10?

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LOST 2.20 Two for the Road (Ana Lucia RIP)

This episode’s title refers to Ana and Christian’s road trip to Sydney, and Ana and Libby’s trip off the island, and a play on words with One (drink) for the Road.

This episode’s ending was a shock to many even though we had heard that a major character would probably be killed during the show.  Once the flashback was revealed to be Ana we knew it would be her last (just like Shannon’s time was ended in her episode).  But few if any were ready for what was to happen after that.

Ana phone home

Ana phone home


Ana quits the police force after her mom/boss figures out it was her who killed the perp accused of shooting Ana.  She becomes a “wander” at the airport and meets Christian.  He needs a body gaurd to escort him to Australia and picks her.  She accepts and they each take a fake name (Sarah, after Christian’s daughter in law via Jack) and (Tom, after Christian’s son in law, via Claire, except they were not married).

Benry attacks Ana for killing two of his people (good people), he calls Ana a killer.  Locke saves her by hitting Benry with his crutch.  Ana decides to get a gun to enact revenge.  She asks Sawyer once before he is easily tricked by her later.  How he never saw her get the gun and take it I will never know as they were very close together 😉

In the flashback, Christian shows up at Ana room about 3 am to go meet someone.  We hear him say something about his daughter and that he owns the place.  Ana has to intervene when the woman starts hitting Christian.  The next day they are driving.  He asks Ana to share a drink with him (you know one more for the road), but she refuses.  When he gets to leave the car, Sawyer is there.  Ana talks to her mom who tells her to come home.  She flies on 815.

Back on the island, Ana makes for the hatch.  She opens the locked door and tells Benry to cut himself loose.  But she can’t kill him.  Michael wakes up from his coma and convinces her to give him the gun.  She does.  Michael apologizes and then shoots her.  A few seconds later, Libby comes in looking for blanket to share with Hurley on a picnic.  Michael shoots her twice.

He then opens Benry’s cell and looks at him before he shoots himself in the arm.  LOST

Ana and Libby pre RIP

Ana and Libby pre RIP


We all knew that Ana would die, but that Michael would kill her, and that poor Libby would be shot too, no way!

Christian has a daughter in Sydney.  Who do we know from Sydney on the show?  Okay its Claire that’s an easy one.  But who is the woman he met at the house.  It’s not Claire’s mom.  She is probably in the hospital right now.

I could never believe that Michael could lie so convincingly to Jack and Ana.  Mike was never a lier up to this point, but now he somehow managed to to fool everyone.  Did he just pretend to be unconscious all that time?

LOST 2.19 S.O.S. (Bernard + Rose)

We get to see how Rose and Bernard first met and Rose’s secret concerning the island’s special healing properties.

This isn’t the most exciting episode but the interaction between the leads is engaging and heartfelt.  The coolest part is a meeting between Rose and a faith healer named Isaac.


Benry is on a hunger strike after being exposed as the liar he is for stealing the identity of the real Henry Gale.  Jack wants to trade Benry for Walt, but Ben says “they” meaning the Others will never give you Walt.  But we see that’s not exactly true when we get to the finale.  Some folks do get traded for Walt, just not who you would expect possibly.

Bernard decides to make an SOS sign on the beach out of black rocks.  He enlists the help of everyone he can find, but even Frogurt won’t help and Jin leaves after trying.  Rose cuts down Bernard’s idea, but she has an ulterior motive.

I think youre in my personal space

I think you're in my personal space

Jack invites Kate out on the hike because they are both damaged goods that the Others don’t seem interested in.  They get caught in a Rousseau trap but free themselves by shooting the rope.  They get to the line in the sand, but no one is there to make the trade for Ben.  At night Kate says she’s sorry for kissing him, but Jack is not.  Just then Michael appears from out of the jungle and then collapses.

In the flashback, Rose and Bernard meet on a snowy street in New York followed by a coffee afterword.  Some time later Bernard asks her to marry him.  She tells him she is dying but Bernie is undeterred and she says yes.  He then takes her on a honey moon trip to the Outback to meet Isaac who is a faith healer.  He tells her that he has healed hundreds of people, but he says its the special geological properties of the place they are at.  He then tries to heal Rose, but can’t.  He tells her she needs to find a different place to be healed.  She decides to tell Bernie that Isaac fixed her anyway, just to make him feel better.

On their way back home they wait to board flight 815 when Locke hands her some medicine she dropped.  Rose remembers that Locke is in a wheelchair and later tells him on the island, they both know he will be healed very quickly from his hatch injury.

Rose admits to Bernard that is the island that healed her and not Isaac.  Bernard gives up on his rescue plan to stay with Rose.


If your injured on the island you are likely to be healed by it. Just don’t get shot or fall off a cliff then your days are numbered unless Jack is around to do the surgery.

Kate tells Jack that she is the better shot, but in the series premier she asks if anyone can use a gun (pretending that she can not).

The letters in Bernie’s SOS signal were incomplete, but what he did make looks a lot like the computer screen in the hatch.

Looks like the computer screen in the hatch

Looks like the computer screen in the hatch

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