LOST 2.08 Collision (Ana Lucia)

This episode reveals Ana’a backstory and why she is a bit trigger happy on the island.  Ana, although she looked fine at the airport talking with Jack, has not led a happy life since being kicked out of the police force.

Things basically pick up where they left off.  Ana has just killed Shannon and Sayid is ticked, so he tries to shoot Ana, and fights Eko but ends up being tied up to a tree.  The irony is palpable as Sayid was the one who questioned Sawyer by tying him up to a tree and torturing him.  Sayid and Ana are both tortured souls in this episode.  Ana says she “feels dead”.  Sayid has a chance for revenge by shooting Ana, but he says it’s no use “they are both already dead” for the deeds they committed before the island.

Ana Lucia (wikipedia)

Ana Lucia (wikipedia)

Ana’s fellow tailie’s have had enough and question her leadership.  They break off from Ana (even though she protected them from the Others) and head out to the Losties beach camp.  Eko takes a still unconscious Sawyer there, where he finds Jack and Kate living the good life playing golf.  Jack tries to give Sawyer some pills, but Kate ends up getting him to take them.  Jack also wants revenge but when he finds out it is Ana Lucia (who he planned to share a drink with while on the plane), he changes his mind.

There is a reunion at the end of the show when Bernard sees Rose for the first time since flight 815 started to crash.  Jin and Sun reunite.


Ana is a police officer who has just been reinstated after a leave of absence.   It turns out she was shot be a kid who pretended to be a student.  Ana was remorseful that she let the kid fool her into reaching for his gun.  So from now on she always gets her gun out first then asks questions.  Well on a domestic disturbance call Ana freaks out when a man and a woman holding her child argue over a TV.  Ana pulls a gun which alarms her partner enough that he reprimands her.

Back at the station Ana is told they found her shooter.  All she has to do is identify him and he will face justice.  But Ana has another plan, she lets him go free, finds him in a bar, and then shoots him.  It turns out she was pregnant.  The shooter’s body is never found, but Ana lives with the guilt.


Kate ends up saving Sawyer’s life by getting him to take the antibiotics.  Remember that Sawyer really wanted to die, and said so a few times, but Kate gave him a reason to live.

Jin and Sun’s reunion on the beach was a bit anticlimactic as Michael told her earlier that he knew Jin was okay.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: the epic poem from Ancient Mesopotamia. Locke answered the crossword clue 42 down, “Friend of Enkidu,” with “Gilgamesh.”  (From Lostpedia, if you want to research the story of Gilgamesh you can click the link).

There is an interesting scene between Michael and Ana when he dares her to shoot him for taking some water to Sawyer.  She hesitated in shooting him then, just like she does in the famous scene between them in the hatch later.

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  1. Very nice recap, but AH!!!, its spelled Ana Lucia and NOT Anna Lucia. 🙂

  2. Thanks Al, I used the wrong spelling about 16 times. 🙂

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