LOST 2.09 What Kate Did (Kate of course)

Fans from Season 1 might recall a scene where Kate walks up to Jack, sits next to him, and says she will tell him “what she did” (being a fugitive from the law).  This was after many queries by Jack prior to this.  But instead he says it doesn’t matter,  and so we don’t get to find out until this episode what exactly made Kate Austen a girl on the run.


Sun and Jin have their first conjugal visit in a long time since Jin  was captured by the Tailies after the raft was blown up.  (Isn’t it interesting that he was on a “raft” and got “captured” by the Frenchies in his time travel loop in 1977 after the freighter blew up)? I am not saying their baby was conceived that night, but maybe.  In the hatch, Sawyer is deliriously calling out “where is she?”, and “I love her”.  Jack thinks he means “Kate”, but what if Sawyer means “Juliet, Cassidy or Clementine”.

Kate is flipping a cigarette lighter on and off when Wayne her step dad shows up.  He smells something funny (natural gas from a stove perhaps) and Kate has to help him into the house.  He makes some nasty remark and Kate leaves on her motorcycle when a few seconds later the house explodes in a fireball.  That’s how it happened on the show, but here is a brand new Comic-Con video with a slightly different take on things.

Who is Ryan Milner?  And why does it say Kate is in her late 20’s?

She visits her mom at the diner.  She says she has taken care of her.  Diane has a hurt wrist that she lies about but Kate believes her step dad caused it.  Kate has purchased an insurance policy which will pay off for their house that exploded.

On the island she picks some fruit when suddenly she sees a black horse just standing there.  Back at the hatch, Kate plays Patsy Cline’s “After Midnight”.  Here are some of the lyrics:

I go out walking after midnight
Out in the moonlight just like we used to do
I’m always walking after midnight searching for you
I walk for miles along the highway
Well that’s just my way of saying I love you
I’m always walking after midnight searching for you
I stopped to see a weeping willow
Crying on his pillow maybe he’s crying for me
And as the skies turn gloomy
Night winds whisper to me I’m lonesome as I can be
I go out walking after midnight out in the moonlight
Just hoping you may be somewhere out walking after midnight searching for me

Kate is definitely associated with this song.  Kate is looking for someone… she is not just a fugitive.  Who is she is looking for?  She explains the horse thing by saying it’s a lack of sleep.  Then Sawyer starts to murmur, “why did you kill me?”.  We flashback to the marshal arresting Kate who is trying to get to Tallahasee (where Sawyer once visited and Cooper lived before he showed up on the island). He says your mama gave you up.  Kate is surprised at the news.

Back at the hatch, Michael finds the blast doors (cool!) in the hatch.  Why do they need blast doors?  We later see the doors close when the emergency signal goes off (which was associated with the food drops).  Eko and Mike watch the orientation film.  Mike has questions but Eko is stunned.

The Story of Josiah and the missing pieces: Eko calls Locke aside and recounts to him the story of Josiah, a good king of Israel.  The king asked for gold from the treasury to rebuild the temple.  Instead they found no gold, only a book.  The book was the “book of the Law”, also known as the Old Testament.  Eko tells Locke that is was through the book that the people had the will and the faith to rebuild the temple.  Locke finds the story vaguely interesting, but when Eko gives him the book, Locke discovers something he has been wanting… hidden inside are the missing pieces from the Orientation film.  Locke says what luck, but Eko says “do not mistake coincidence for fate”.

They play back the film with the missing pieces inserted and find out that they are only to use the computer to enter the Numbers.  They are not to use it to communicate with the outside world, or else it may cause another “Incident”.  Michael who is nearby sees a message on the computer.

Finishing the Kate story line… She flashes back to the marshal taking her to the arraignment.  It’s raining (as usually happens when we see visions).  He asks her why she did it, when she did it.  Kate was a straight A student, no past trouble.  Her mom marries Wayne, he’s a drunk and beats her mom.  Kate says Wayne never bothered her.  Just then a black horse runs across the road.  The car crashes allowing Kate to escape.

Wayne’s “voice” comes out of Sawyer causing Kate to freak.  Sawyer grabs her, Kate runs out of the hatch.  When Jack finds him he is collapsed on the floor.  Jack is mad at Kate and runs after her.  She is sitting in shock thinking she’s crazy.  Jack wants to know why she left.  Kate says she is not “perfect” like Jack, not as “good” as him. When Jack calms her down she kisses him.  She leaves Jack and returns to Sawyer telling him he likes him, but he reminds her (like Wayne did) that she is not a good person, and she never will be.


I can’t think of any other episode where the flashback character’s name shows up in the title.  There was Meet Kevin Johnson, but that was an alias for Michael Dawson and Everybody Hates Hugo for Hurley (I know Hugo is his real name).  There was The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham for Locke, and LaFleur for Sawyer.  Did I miss anybody else?

Shannon was killed and buried on the island;  we have not seen her reappear.  Horace was killed but not buried on the island and we have seen him reappear to Locke.

Earlier in this post I asked the question, “who is Kate looking for?”  I don’t know, but it might be the man she loved, the man she killed.  Ryan Milner or Tom Brennan or Jack or Sawyer even (though not dead, yet).

We saw Kate doing something for her mom (blowing up the house), but a thought I had was maybe she was covering up for something her mom did.  We never saw Kate actually set off whatever triggered the explosion.

The song “After Midnight” refers to a Willow tree.  Kate and Tom buried their time capsule near a willow.

“Do not mistake coincidence for fate”.  Eko had a surprised look on his face when Locke talked about the luck of finding the missing pieces of the film.  Could it be that it wasn’t luck?  That someone had purposely put the film pieces in a place where Eko would bring it to Locke when he needed it?  Could Locke or Flocke have possibly arranged this to happen?

Kate claims she is not a “good” person.  Patchy confirms this when he says (in Par Avion) that’s she was not on Jacob’s list because she is “flawed”.  Other people not on the list were: Jack, Locke and Sayid.  I think at this point though we are not sure the list actually was from Jacob (maybe it was from Esau/Flocke instead, thereby the people on this list could be Esau’s enemies).

Walking After Midnight was Patsy’s first big hit.  Hear her sing it on Aurthur Godfrey’s talent contest in 1957.

It’s not Lost, but I have to share this Patsy Cline song by Linda Ronstadt (the singer I most listened to in 1977).  Note: It takes about 20 seconds to load, but it’s well worth the wait.

3 Responses

  1. The horse that Kate sees, I wonder if it’s manifestation or is that the horse Widmore was riding back in 1977? Of course it’s supposed to have some significance in Kate’s past.

    In a recent flashback we see Kate & Tom uncover a time capsule which young Kate says something about not being able to stay in one spot. I could understand her having to run because of the incident with her step father (who is her real biological father), but I don’t know why at such a young age she would suggest having to always run. Unless there’s another incident that took place that we don’t know of.

    Sawyer was acting for Kate’s step father when he said, “why did you kill me?”. This is similar to Sawyers last confrontation with a boar, how he had been convinced that he was the dead man he killed in Australia. Making people seem as people that are not. A big theme in the show is doing things by proxy. Kate’s dad didn’t want to kill Wayne because he didn’t have murder in his heart, the same way Locke persuaded Sawyer to kill Cooper by proxy. Also Locke acted as a proxy for Christian shepherd. Doing things for people because they are not capable themselves. Actually it’s strange that Kate’s dad didn’t have murder in his heart when his in the military, I thought it would be a common event killing in the military.

    I heard about that ComicCon video, it doesn’t make sense after watching this episode. It seems Kate has owned up to killing Wayne. But the whole America’s most wanted skit has contradicted the event, or maybe it’s a way of showing us the universe has course corrected itself and Kate doesn’t have to run, and everyone of the Losties are happy in their lives.

    How is Walt able to utilise a computer?

  2. episode was stupid

  3. “We saw Kate doing something for her mom (blowing up the house), but a thought I had was maybe she was covering up for something her mom did. We never saw Kate actually set off whatever triggered the explosion.”

    So, you want to believe that Diane was the one who had really killed Wayne? Then you would be wrong. From “What Kate Did”:

    “Can you hear me? Sawyer? — Wayne? [Sawyer stirs.] I’m probably crazy and this doesn’t matter, but maybe you’re in there somehow. But you asked me a question. You asked me why I — why I did it. It wasn’t because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It’s because I hated that you were a part of me — that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good. And every time that I look at Sawyer — every time I feel something for him — I see you, Wayne. It makes me sick. </b.

    Kate was never covering for her mother. She didn't kill Wayne to save her mother from his abuse. She killed Wayne, because she hated the idea of him being her father. She killed him out of her own insecurities. How's that for a motive?

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