LOST 2.11 The Hunting Party (Jack)

This episode marks the 50th day on the island for the 815 survivors.  It’s also the first day the Others come to declare that this is their island and the Losties better remember it.  This episode was not quite as good as the last few as we seem to cover similar ground, with Jack trying to do a miraculous surgery.


Jack has become world renown for saving Sarah through his miraculous spinal surgery.  So famous that a young woman and her father have traveled from Italy for Jack to perform the same feat.  The daughter is beautiful Gabriela who asks Jack to try the surgery even thought the prognosis is somewhat hopeless.  After the surgery fails and the father dies, Gabriela and Jack kiss in the parking lot which leads Jack to confess this to Sarah.  But Sarah is sick of Jack always trying to fix people and has decided to leave him.

On the island:

Michael knocks out Locke takes a gun and then tells Jack he is going to find Walt.  He has to do this alone and the computer is not what you think it is. Presumably Walt has communicated a plan for Mike to find him on the other side of the island.  Locke, Jack, Sawyer and Kate head off to find Mike, but Jack insists that Kate stay behind.  Kate heads to the beach to have a talk with Hurley.  When Jin finds out, he wants to locate Mike also, but Sun has just gotten over worrying about her husband, so he decides to stay.  Later he says he does not like to be told what to do, to which Sun agrees, and Jin realizes he has been treating her this way.

Zeke holds Kate ransom

Zeke holds Kate ransom

The Hunting Party here gun shots and find some spent bullets.  Why they found three when seven shots where fired is a bit of mystery.  They get some torches to continue the search at night.  Locke tells Jack he is going back because Michael does not want to be found, but Jack is concerned it’s their responsibility to find him.  Just then a voice rings out in the jungle.  It’s Zeke, one of the Others.  He tells them to put down their weapons, but Sawyer does not and is shot in the ear (amazing aim at night I would say). Zeke explains that they are tresspeassing on his island and they best not ever cross over the “line” to their side.  Jack refuses to listen until “Alex” brings out a captive.  It’s Kate. She followed them and was captured.  Jack relents and they leave their weapons to the Others and head back to the beach.

Kate tells Jack she made a mistake (echoing Jack’s confession to Sarah).  Sarah never forgave Jack and Jack does not forgive Kate although he is concerned about her well being.  At the beach, Sawyer tells Kate he would have done the same thing by following the group after being told not to.

Jack goes to talk to Ana Lucia instead.  He knows she used to be cop and he wants her to help him train and army to go after the Others and retrieve Mike.


Zeke says something interesting after saying Walt is special:  “Since the dawn of time, man has been blessed with curiosity”.  This is a quote from Alvar Hanso the benefactor of the Dharma Initiative.  The audience knows this because at the time some fake commercials were being aired to promote The Lost Experience ARG, where this quote was used.

Alex makes a first appearance on the show, but all we see is an arm.

Jack’s obsession with fixing things has remained all the way to season 5.  It seems that he still can’t let go from this trait.  This time it cost him his marriage.  It’s kinda telling that his father just walks out on him when, against his wishes, Jack decides to do the surgery.  In season 5, Jack wants to fix all the problems caused by the plane crash on the island, by blowing up the bomb.

We see a Geronimo Jackson album.  This band seems to pop up now and again on the show.  I don’t know why it’s important to the show, except maybe as an inside joke by the writers.

We hear Sawyer declare to Zeke that’s not over between them.  Zeke shot Sawyer on the raft.  Sure enough Sawyer makes good on his promise in the finale to season 3.

10 Responses

  1. The first scene is weird. The man has a translator to translate what he says, but doesn’t need the dialogue from the doctors to be translated. I notice a bit of the same thing in the last episode when the drug barons came during a game of soccer which Eko was playing, they spoke Nigerian, and then all of the sudden spoke english to Yemi and Eko (it must blow the budget to include subtitles in the episodes). A similar thing happens during Hurley’s dream when he tell’s Jin he’s speaking English, no he’s talking Korean. Then Jack appears to wakes up from a nightmare, which it appears to be his flashback. (I didn’t think it was that scary)

    I wonder if it’s the island that is bringing Jack the patient so that he can dedicate time to him and break his marraige which leads to him being on the island. Is the reason why Jack has spent a month on testing this old man, because he likes his daugther?

    When Sarah confesses her affair, it appears to me, as if she’s been forced to say that she’s been having an affair, even though she has feelings for Jack. It then trips off the chain of events that leads to the island. I wonder if Abbadon/Widmore is behind it. It’s very similar to the Ben and Keamy conflict where Ben is forced to say something that is not true. That Alex was a pawn, then she is shot. Also the scene where Ben stabs Jacob. Jacob says “what about you”. It didn’t seem genuine but had to say it because it was for the greater good.

    Interesting Locke asked Sawyer where he got his alias from, even though it was his real father who was involved in Sawyer’s parents deaths.

    How does Mr Friendly know Locke’s name? (probably from Ethan, but also remember he’s been flashing through time) I think he knows exactly who Locke is, and asks him to build a fire.

    It seems that every plan Kate wants to be involved in, she messes up. Just like Locke sabotaging every attempt to get off the island, she’s just dumb. 1. Kate’s attempt to hang an antenna for the transeiver to pick up for Sayid 2. The Hunting Party 3. Jack’s rescue from the others (Jack playing football with Mr Friendly) 4. Second attempt to rescue Jack (Jack performing surgery on Ben) 5. The great submarine escape with Sawyer & Juliet 6. Taking young Ben to the hostiles 7. Making Roger Linus feel better about his son, I’m sure you can add to the list.

  2. Why are you calling him Zeke? His name is Tom.

  3. Hey guys although I don’t have the Season 2 DVD’s I thought I would make a quick comment. This episode had what I think is one of the best lines of dialogue in the whole series. “This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reason you’re living on it is because we let you live on it.”

  4. Zeke is tom’s nickname. The nickname was given to him by sawyer, of course.

  5. Hi, it seems this blog is the only one left that still doing the rewatch project. I hope you’ll make it too the end. Although i notice even this blog is 3 episodes behind the schedule 😦

  6. We’ve seen Alex before. She helped pregnant Claire escape.

  7. It’s not Tom or Zeke, it’s Mr Friendly

  8. [“We hear Sawyer declare to Zeke that’s not over between them. Zeke shot Sawyer on the raft. Sure enough Sawyer makes good on his promise in the finale to season 3.”]

    Which goes to show what a stupid and childish person Sawyer really was.

    • Sawyer was childish. He was a good con man, but he kept getting taken by other con men. Remember when Ben tricked him into thinking they had put a pacemaker on his heart. If Sawyer’s heart beat raced too much (i.e. by looking at Kate for instance), he could die. Great stuff, but totally silly.
      That was back during the first six episodes of Season 3, when the Lost fans (including me) were about to give up on the show. No more cage scenes, please!! That was my motto.

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