LOST 2.12 Fire + Water (Charlie)

Well here we are.  It’s Fire + Water.  I don’t know what to say.  This episode just makes me want to turn away from the screen when I watch it.  From the embarrassing “You all everybutties” commercial to the bizarre beach scene with Claire and Charlie’s mom dressed as angels, words can’t describe my feelings about this one….

Fire + Water has a few meanings here.  First the easy one, Charlie lights a fire near to the camp which creates a distraction so he can kidnap Aaron and baptize him in the Ocean.  Second, Fire + Water are two of the symbols of the Bagua (the Dharma symbol seems to be patterned off of this).  Third, the British Rock band Free produced an album called Fire and Water with the big international hit All Right Now.  And fourth, John speaking in Matthew 3:11 says “I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

Charlie is in a weird dream. In one segment, he’s a boy coming down the stairs to open Christmas presents. Liam, his brother, gets lots and lots, but Charlie gets a piano wrapped in butcher paper, which is fitting because his dad is a butcher of baby dolls. His mom wants Charlie to use his musical talents to “save them”. Many years pass and we see Charlie after the birth of his niece Megan, Liam his brother is not there because he was hooked on drugs. Charlie returns to his pad and encourages Liam to go see his daughter but he can’t. Next we see DriveShaft filming the “You all Everbutties” video, but Liam keeps messing it up, so much so, the whole band is fired when Charlie refuses to kick his brother off the set. Charlie gives it one more go, when he writes a potential hit song, hoping to coax Liam to work on it with him, but again Liam can’t. Finally Liam comes to his senses when his wife kicks him out after he dropped his daughter. He sells Charlie’s piano and leaves Charlie for an Australian rehab clinic to save his family. But Charlie wants to know why he is being left out, what about his family?

On the island:
Charlie has another dream where he hears Aaron yelling from inside his piano, it washes away in the surf and Charlie tries to save Aaron. He wakes up to find Aaron with Claire and Locke. He tries to reconcile with her but he fails. He later hears Aaron again this time in a cradle being taken away by the waves, he saves him, swims back to shore only to find Claire and his mom dressed as angels. A dove flies over head (and in some versions you can hear the Nigerian plane). They say the baby is in danger and Charlie must save him. Hurley appears also, but Charlie “wakes up” holding the baby and Claire slaps him (thinking he is on drugs).
Hurley and Libby share a moment together at the washer/dryer. He thinks he knows her, and she comes back with “you stepped on my foot on the plane”. Which is impossible because Libby was in the tail section and Hurley was the last one to get on the plane.
Charlie then goes to Locke and Eko (who is mysteriously marking trees) to try and get them to talk to Claire, but they won’t. Charlie goes himself to Claire, but Kate is protecting them. Close by Locke gives an ominous stare to the proceedings.
Charlie says Aaron is in danger and needs to be baptized (Eko had suggested this). Charlie, unable to convince Claire, lights a fire that draws the beach people away long enough for him to steal the baby and head to the surf to baptize Aaron. But Locke gets there first and convinces Charlie that it is not the right time. Locke then beats Charlie to a pulp leaving him alone with the waves crashing on him.
Later Locke follows Charlie to his stash of Virgin Mary statues with heroin inside. He takes them from Charlie even though he promises to destroy them. Locke them moves the statues to the gun armory and changes the combination.

Locke tells Claire he will move near by to protect her. But he believes there is no danger to her or the baby. Claire then goes to Eko to tell him that she is not baptized. Eko says he will baptize both Claire and Aaron. The reason he gives does not make any sense to me. I was taught and believe that the Lord was sinless and therefore did not need to be baptized but did so to fulfill the plan of the Father.

That baptism scene with Eko’s explanation really caught me off guard but if we believe Eko is not a full fledged priest then it makes some sense. Here is an excerpt from Lostpedia that goes into a bit more detail: “Eko’s description of the baptism of Jesus is slightly incorrect. The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus was born without sin. Although he was telling the story from John the Baptist’s perspective, it still goes against the views of Catholicism. Perhaps these errors were added to the script deliberately, since Eko has had no formal religious training (as far as we know), and is therefore not fully versed in the traditions of the church.”

The scene of Claire and her mom on the beach echo (no not Eko, bad pun) the painting we see in Charlie’s parents house at the beginning of the episode. The painting is of the Christs’ baptism.

I mentioned at the top of this post that the band Free is a Britsh band, just like Charlie’s.  In the write up on Wikipedia it also says that the bass player in the band wrote the song, but later the lead singer took credit for the lyrics.  This sounds very familiar to our man Charlie, who lost his place in the band to his brother who started to take over.

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  1. Several issues can contribute to hallucinations/dreams. Drugs, lack of sleep, being crazy (Hurley), having abilities (Miles).

    When Locke is observing the event of Charlie, he appears to have a nemesis look. As if he dislikes religion or Charlie is Locke’s nemesis (which Sawyer elludes to in the long con).

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