LOST 2.13 The Long Con (Sawyer)

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One Response

  1. What was it that Sawyer said about a long con “trick the person into thinking something is their idea, but was your idea in the first place”. I’m sure the writer have done a similar thing to us viewers. They planted the huge idea in our heads in the show that they are in purgatory, and end up saying in public that it is not. I wouldn’t be suprised if they are setting us up to think one thing and springing on us a completely new idea. IE. During season 5, i wanted to receive every answer that had to do with Widmore & Ben. Because I thought that the battle/game that they were playing was so intriging. Now in the finale they spring on us, that Jacob and his nemesis is the bigger picture, which seemed to diverted the attention to something bigger, now to me the questions about Widmore & Ben seem insignificant. I’m really thinking that the producers/writers are intentionally leading us to a bigger game so that the 1000’s of smaller questions don’t need answering in the short season 6 we are going to see.

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