LOST 2.14 One of Them (Sayid)

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2 Responses

  1. It’s great to see Ben for the first time. Almost as good as seeing Desmond again. So many connections in this episode with Kelvin Inman and Sam Austen.

    Mirror images. Kelvin asks Sayid about loyalty. It was strange that not only does Sayid fight for the enemy in Iraq, but he also aligns himself with Ben after the Oceanic 6 rescue. Then goes against his loyalty, after discovering their evil motives. Also the intelligence profiles mirrors the other’s ability to profile all of the losties, how are they able to gather so much intelligence. This happens alot, even when Locke receive a profile on his mother and father.

    Ben should be shocked to see Locke, as I’m sure he’s heard about him from Richard Alpert

    I think the combination changing is an interesting thought. Is it hinting at the Game Changes that producers talk about in each season finale? I mean how many times has Locke’s combination changed. Or maybe Locke’s name has something to do with the word combination… combination lock.

    Young Ben had been shot by Sayid in season 5, I wonder if Ben felt shocked to see him and virtually hasn’t aged. It’s also strange that Ben even though he is an other would be strolling in the woods alone. Possibly visiting Jacob?

    When people are being interrogated they look for possible differences in the story from different witnesses or each officer they are describing the event. When a lie is being told the story changes. I wonder if that has something to do with continuity errors in the show.

    Sawyer’s killing of the frog mirrors Mr Friendly calling mercy only for Sawyer to shoot him, on ythe beach.

  2. You forgot the fact that Ben has no memory of being shot by Sayid. So asking if Ben wondered why Sayid hasn’t aged is irrelevant.

    Ben later says he was coming for Locke, I think that is more likely true than him visiting Jacob as Jacob was nowhere near the losties camp.

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