LOST 2.15 Maternity Leave (Claire)

They tried to hurt her baby and now we know why.  Okay we still don’t know why, but at least we know who and what they did to our poor pregnant girl from Australia.


Aaron kicks Ethan but cant knock him down

Aaron kicks Ethan but can't knock him down

Aaron, Claire’s little one, has a rash.  This would not be a big problem except for the crazy French chick who shows up to tell her the Others took her baby just a week after birth and this same French chick had to kill her countrymen because they had a “sickness”.  She shows up to tell Claire all this which sends her into a tizzy to remember what happened to her during her time of amnesia.  If this sounds like a soap opera plot just stop me…

Libby comes to the rescue as she’s a shrink (aka “clinical psychologist”) and can help Claire recall her suppressed memories through some kind of hypnosis thing.  Claire remembers some guy injecting her baby with some medicine and the scratches she gave to the French chick.  So she and Kate set off to find the woman with the rifle so she can lead them to the stash of medicine in hopes that this will help Aaron.

When Claire mentions to her that she remembers a teenager among the Others, she leads her to the spot of the scratching.  Claire is upset, believing that Rousseau captured her, but it is not so.  Claire remembers now where the station is after seeing a flashback of herself standing above herself looking at herself on a log talking to dead Ethan who is alive because this is a flashback. (You have to see it to know that there is something going on here… I say it’s Claire from the future visiting Claire from the past like Miles visited little Miles in a Season 5 episode).

Claire sees herself talking to Ethan (its not a dream)

Claire sees herself talking to Ethan (it's not a dream)

They enter the hatch and find it abandoned.  In the flashback Claire was taken there for some medical experiments by the Others and was injected through the tummy to give Aaron the medicine (remember that Desmond was also taking some injections). Ethan drugged Claire so she wouldn’t leave the medical hatch.  He also gave her the option of giving up the baby to them so they could protect him against the sickness.  Claire makes a baby booty and is put in a nursery room with a cradle and a mobile with Oceanic airplanes that play “Catch a Falling Star”, which is Aaron’s theme song (Kate sings it to him as well in a later episode).  This is a deja vu moment as we remember this scene from Claire’s creepy dream in Season 1.

Unfortunately the station is empty (no medicine), but they do find some fake beards in a locker. Rousseau is upset because she was hoping to find her daughter Alex.  It was Alex that saved Claire from the losing the baby to the Others.   We know that Ethan was supposed to finish his list before bringing Claire there, but he was exposed as not being on the plane’s manifest.  Tom (aka Zeke) tells Ethan that “he” will be angry for not getting the list.  The “he” is probably Ben, who we see order Ethan to get a list (of crash survivors) in a future episode.

After Alex got Claire away, Rousseau found her and clunked her with a rifle butt and dragged her back to camp.  Now we know why Claire lost two weeks and her memory.  Rousseau cries when Claire tells her that her daughter was good, not like the Others.  Although Ethan calls that group a “good” family, even though he killed a couple of people and hung Charlie up by his neck.

Claire returns to the beach and apologizes to Aaron for wanting to give him up for adoption.  Now she knows that they are supposed to love and protect one another.

Elsewhere Eko goes to visit Henry Gale (aka Ben Linus) who is still locked up in the armory.  He tells him he needed to apologize to someone for killing two of the Others.  When Benry says he knows nothing about this, Eko tells him to stop talking (i.e. stop lying).  He then cuts off his beard, telling Benry he has returned to the path of righteousness.

Locke gives Benry a book of Dostoevsky who is considered a genius by Hemingway.  Hemingway did not consider himself worthy to compete with his nemesis and so walked in his shadow all his career.  Benry uses this to provoke Locke, asking him why he lets the doctor call the shots.  Locke says its not so, but when he is alone he considers this and slams the dirty dishes to the ground in frustration over Jack’s frequently telling John what to do.

Creepy Claire in a rocking chair?

Creepy Claire in a rocking chair?


  • The chair Claire sits in while knitting the sock reminds me of the chair she sits in while visiting her dad in Jacob’s cabin.  It also reminds me of Jacob’s creepy rocking chair.
  • Benry questions the food he is given by telling Jack “no cheeseburgers?”.  Later Jack is given a cheeseburger when held captive by Ben in the Hydra station.
  • Rousseau says “if the baby is infected, hopefully you will know what to do”.  Has anybody been truly “infected” on the island?  Can she mean possessed as in Fake Locke?  Do the injections actually do anything?
  • After seeing how much pain and loneliness Rousseau has been through since they stole her daughter, it’s no wonder she is a little crazy.
  • Sun says to Claire “a mother should not leave her baby”.  Which is ironic because Sun leaves her baby to go back to the island in Season 5 in order to find her husband Jin.
  • Is it possible that Tom/Zeke could mean someone other than Ben  really wants the list.  I mean Tom never seemed very scared of Ben so why is he “afraid” to tell him?  Could it be Jacob or Alpert or Evil Locke who actually ask for the list through Ben?  Am I grasping at straws again, probably.

2 Responses

  1. Claire seemed like she was drugged during the whole ordeal which could influence how she was remembering the whole kidnapping event. With a friendly Ethan, colourful surroundings, a room full of baby stuff.

    It seemed Mr Eko was taking his confession in front of Henry Gale.

    Henry sure knows how to manipulate Locke. We see Locke throwing down some dishes after he spoke with Henry. This gives Henry the upper hand as he knows how to push the right buttons.

    In the Lostaholics podcast they talk about the sickness in depth, they theorized it might have something to do with jet-lag, which could be attributed with the island moving about. I think they might have a point. Even Daniel Faraday talks about the flashing between times is giving them a brain hemorage similar to jet-lag.

  2. Claire from the future?
    what’s with the clothes? are they somehow prove or disprove this theory?

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