LOST 2.16 The Whole Truth (Sun) + Friday Poll

The cool thing about LOST is how it plays with our expectations and pre-conceived notions.  Sun is the nice and gentle healer, totally unselfish, wanting to help her and her husband get along with the other islanders.  But what if she was not those things?  And Jin being the overbearing, controlling husband, keeping everything to himself and not integrating with the group.  But what he was not those things?


In flashback we see Jin and Sun getting ready to enjoy a romantic evening together, that is until the subject of babies comes up.  Jin is anxious to start a family, Sun is not so much, given that her father has employed Jin as an enforcer for his company.  Sun wants to leave her life, but Jin wants to find a way out where he can keep a paycheck coming, but convince Mr. Paik that he should give him a safer line of work.  So his theory is if they have a baby their life will be better.  But Jin and Sun get into an aurgument about this and so, good evening over.

On the island Sun is peacefully tending to her garden when Jin shows up wondering where she is.  Just a week or so ago she was kidnapped right there, so he is understandably concerned.  But Sun won’t go with him, so he tears up the garden and forces her to leave.  Ana is out for some exercise when Locke decides to ask her help interogating the prisoner Henry Gale.  She wonders if Jack was part of this decision and Locke says no because Henry has gotten into his head and convinced Locke that he should be the leader.  Ana questions Henry and gets him to draw her a map to the balloon.

Ana, Charlie, and Sayid set out to find the balloon.  Meanwhile Sun is feeling sick so she gets Sawyer to give her a pregnancy test from the plane wreckage.  It turns out positive which Sun says is impossible. It turns out that both Jin and Sun had fertility tests.  First time the doctor said Sun was infertile.  But later he tells her he was afraid to speak the truth because Mr. Paik or Jin would ruin his practice.  The truth is that Jin was infertile (at least before he got to the island).  Jack tells Sun to tell Jin the whole truth about the pregnancy, but Sun is reluctant because it’s complicated.

Later she does tell him he is pregnant, but Jin thinking they can’t have a baby doesn’t understand what has happened.  She tells him that he is infertile, but that she has never been with another man.  Jin believes it’s a miracle that they have a baby coming.  But in a flashback we see her with Jae Lee the man who is teaching her english.  He ran off to marry an American woman but is back now.  Sun says she is glad she could not get pregnant, because she too wants to run off there.  But Jae wants her to stay with him.

We then see Henry being let out to have a tour of the hatch.  They give him some cereal and he wonders why they don’t ask more questions about where they are.  He says it’s a good thing he is not an Other because his map would have taken Ana’s group into an ambush so his people could do a prisoner exchange to free him.  But of course he isn’t an Others so they have nothing to worry about.  “You got any milk”, he says somewhat fiendishly.


Sun still hasn’t told Jin the entire truth, but it will come out during Season 4.

The pregnancy test is from Widmore industries.  So who from Widmore may have been on the plane. Some have surmised it was Libby and that she is the American girl who Jae Lee wanted to marry.  This might explain her being on the plane as a Widmore plant.  This is all supposition of course.  We may never get her backstory.

Jack got his card playing skills from his trip to Thailand which unfortunately is turned into an entire disastrous flashback episode in the next season.

One Response

  1. Don’t people in Korea learn to shut their apartment doors when they are attempting to be romantic.

    Interesting Locke refers to the hatch as being his.

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