LOST 2.17 LOCKdown (Locke)

Yes, it’s Lockdown or Locke down or Locke is down as in depressed about the button.  There is not much to recap so I will just comment on the good parts.

Good parts:

I thought it was strange that Helen just happened to know that the Anthony Cooper in the obits was Locke’s Cooper.  I thought maybe she had something to do with Locke being conned again.  But after watching this eps again I realized that she just likes reading the obits everyday and she is good at following Locke around (and good at figuring out when he is lying).

Locke opens the door enough to get trapped underneath

Locke opens the door enough to get trapped underneath

They found Henry’s grave, but what about his wife’s grave.  Didn’t they both travel in the balloon?  If not, then who buried Henry?  This is a mystery that has not been revealed yet and it is related to the food drops.  If the DI is dropping the food, couldn’t Widmore use this somehow to find the island?  I mean the balloon was a Widmore balloon so maybe he already has found it, but then why send the freightor?  I assume he used Penny’s communication with Charlie to figure out where to send the boat, but what about the balloon?  What do you all think is going on with the food drops and the balloon?

Locke really wanted a family and was willing to forgive his dad’s many cons to get one.  He keeps giving Cooper chances to make up for his sins, but Cooper refuses.  Cooper does this to the bitter end all the way until the final encounter with Sawyer.

Ben remembered the Numbers after hearing them just once, unless of course, he already knew the Numbers and was just playing along with Locke.

Ben says he did what Locke told him to do and pushed the Numbers and execute, but he did nothing to make the doors open.  Then later he told Locke he did not ever push in the numbers and saw the hieroglyphs instead and heard a heavy metal like sound.  I am guessing he did push in the numbers but very late in the sequence, just like Locke saw in a previous episode.

Helen is finally fed up with Locke’s lies and choosing his con man dad over her.  Even when he proposes she says no and that is the last we hear from her until we learn her fate in Season 5.  Locke can’t forget her though and starts calling a phone a friend by Helen’s name.

Jack and Kate see a flashing beacon that signifies the location of the food drop.  In season 4 a flashing beacon guides them to Faraday after he was ejected from the helicopter.

The blast door map was much discussed during the original airing of this episode.  Check out Lostpedia for all the detail concerning the blast door map.  The most interesting thing to me was the Cerberus vents which are surmise are tunnels running under the island between locations or stations.  And what Smokey uses to move from place to place quickly without being seen.

3 Responses

  1. The irony of Helen liking to read the obits, when it was Jack who discovered Locke’s death by reading the same thing.

    Jack says the words “what’s done is done”. A quote that gets used alot in season 5.

    Helen turns out to be an excellent tracker herself, being able to follow Locke whereever he goes. Or I wonder if she’s been tipped off by Widmore/Abaddon

    I wonder if the events that are making Locke break up with Helen are the Island’s doings. We see off island, he had to be convince Helen was dead to be convinced to go back to the island.

    We see even John wasn’t able to be corrupted by the money Anthony Cooper was offering. Which makes him unique and could be reason for Jacob choosing him, maybe to prove to Anti-Jacob wrong about his statement about them, corrupting and destroying.

    Why is it that Locke got pinned under that particular door, at that particular time, is it coincidence or fate? The latter I believe.

    When Ben went to enter the numbers into the computer. I think he did more that just do what he says. Now with through season 5 eyes, it’s much more easier to believe Ben knows more than he’s putting on. He did something, and it might be coming from the Pearl or he was able to activate some other features from the computer. Now kind of thnk it, maybe it was normal for a LockDown situation for the occupants to stay behind the blast doors so they do not discover the secrets of the food drops. Because we know the LockDown happens when the food drops happen, and if it coincides with the button counting down to 0, then there must be a safety over-ride feature that is in place only during a lockdown that the numbers do not need to be pushed.

    • “Why is it that Locke got pinned under that particular door, at that particular time, is it coincidence or fate? The latter I believe.”
      The first thing I’m thinking is, does Jacob or Flock have the ability to, in some shape or form, control fate?

  2. “They found Henry’s grave, but what about his wife’s grave. Didn’t they both travel in the balloon? If not, then who buried Henry?”

    Henry’s wife was never with him. That’s something Ben just lied about. Remember the note Sayid found written on the $20 bill from Henry to his wife. Ben claims to have buried Henry himself.

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