LOST 2.18 Dave (Hurley)

To put is simply… Dave is Hurley’s imaginary friend who does not want Hurley to change.  But on the island Dave is not that imaginary as he leaves behind real bathroom slippers and can throw a real coconut.  He also slapped Hurley and so did dead Charlie.  So what’s going here.  It might be that Dave is dead like Charlie and has come to visit.  This could be possible if Dave or Charlie could time travel (when they are alive) to a time after their death.

Best parts:

Hurley believes Dave is real until his doctor shows him photographic evidence that Dave was not sitting next to Hurley.  Was the photo doctored, I don’t think so, because we never see Dave interact with anyone except Hurley.

Libby at Santa Rosa

Libby at Santa Rosa

Dave may be Libby’s husband David, but the producers say he is not.  A cool scenario would be that Dave was married to Libby, he died, and now his past self is trying to keep Hurley away from her.  Note that Dave was at the mental hospital and so was Libby (in the end scene).  Dave is trying to keep Hurley from getting better because he is jealous.  Also the producers have said that the name Dave was chosen intentionally to represent Hurley’s feeling toward his father of the same name who left him and encouraged him to eat candy bars.

Ana stops Sayid from killing Benry.  Later she won’t kill him and gives the gun to Michael.

Hurley blames himself for the death of two people on a deck that holds 8 but is loaded with 23.  He went catatonic and his mom institutionalized him.

Locke refuses the wheelchair and takes the crutches instead.

Maybe Libby went crazy because she saw her husband Dave alive after his death.

St. Elsewhere the TV show set in a decaying hospital was a series about life and death and was considered a dark comedy.  In the final episode it is revealed that a boy is dreaming the show up in his head when playing with his toy (a snow globe).

3 Responses

  1. In season 5 Hurley says he can see dead people. Does that mean Dave is already dead. I don’t think it’s about seeing imaginery people, or maybe it’s that too. And why is it now that Dave choose to show up. It’s been over 50 days and no appearances until now. Is it Jacob’s nemesis, trying to make Hurley commit suicide or corrupt him.

    These dead people seem to be giving him advice, which we don’t know whether it’s good or bad advice. Ana Lucia told him to avoid the police but he gave himself up and got out in anyway. Charlie tells him to tell the truth. It’s still kind of hard to tell if they are good or bad. Dave is obviously his alter ego.

    It makes me wonder if people can’t see Dave, can they see his sneaker that Hurley is holding. It’s funny how they manifestations don’t talk until they are compelled to. I don’t think Christian Shepherd has said a word to Jack yet.

    Coincidentally Hurley’s fathers name is David.

    Fish crackers? I’ve never heard of that flavour. Aren’t fish crackers for Polar Bears?

  2. Yes that’s true, they do all hear, but Hurley is able to see dead people, where Mile’s can’t interact, but figure stuff. Something makes me think maybe the others are dead too. I mean they leave no trails when they walk. It might turn out they are all seeing dead people, and they are all crazy.

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