All About Lost ReWatch Eps 11 (S2 15-18)

Episodes covered this week as a part of the Lost Rewatch Project…

2.15 Maternity Leave
2.16 The Whole Truth
2.17 Lockdown
2.18 Dave

MP3 File

3 Responses

  1. The talk around the traps, in regards to the food drop is that Hurley scheduled the food drop during his time in the Dharma Initiative, whether it’s been done yet, or yet to be done, we don’t know. I like this theory as it could tie in the reason for Hurley transmitting the numbers as a signal.

  2. So, what happened with the actor that portrays Alex?

  3. Also in regards to Hurley being able to make Charlie disappear was to do with the counting to 5 that we see so much in the show. Remember when Jack tells Kate about his first operation, then Kate does it when running away from smokey and she did it when being lowered into the swan. When Hurley tried to make Dave go away, it was obivously different to the Charlie encounter in that he did count to 5. I’m not sure why counting to 5 works, but I’m sure it has some significants.

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