LOST 2.19 S.O.S. (Bernard + Rose)

We get to see how Rose and Bernard first met and Rose’s secret concerning the island’s special healing properties.

This isn’t the most exciting episode but the interaction between the leads is engaging and heartfelt.  The coolest part is a meeting between Rose and a faith healer named Isaac.


Benry is on a hunger strike after being exposed as the liar he is for stealing the identity of the real Henry Gale.  Jack wants to trade Benry for Walt, but Ben says “they” meaning the Others will never give you Walt.  But we see that’s not exactly true when we get to the finale.  Some folks do get traded for Walt, just not who you would expect possibly.

Bernard decides to make an SOS sign on the beach out of black rocks.  He enlists the help of everyone he can find, but even Frogurt won’t help and Jin leaves after trying.  Rose cuts down Bernard’s idea, but she has an ulterior motive.

I think youre in my personal space

I think you're in my personal space

Jack invites Kate out on the hike because they are both damaged goods that the Others don’t seem interested in.  They get caught in a Rousseau trap but free themselves by shooting the rope.  They get to the line in the sand, but no one is there to make the trade for Ben.  At night Kate says she’s sorry for kissing him, but Jack is not.  Just then Michael appears from out of the jungle and then collapses.

In the flashback, Rose and Bernard meet on a snowy street in New York followed by a coffee afterword.  Some time later Bernard asks her to marry him.  She tells him she is dying but Bernie is undeterred and she says yes.  He then takes her on a honey moon trip to the Outback to meet Isaac who is a faith healer.  He tells her that he has healed hundreds of people, but he says its the special geological properties of the place they are at.  He then tries to heal Rose, but can’t.  He tells her she needs to find a different place to be healed.  She decides to tell Bernie that Isaac fixed her anyway, just to make him feel better.

On their way back home they wait to board flight 815 when Locke hands her some medicine she dropped.  Rose remembers that Locke is in a wheelchair and later tells him on the island, they both know he will be healed very quickly from his hatch injury.

Rose admits to Bernard that is the island that healed her and not Isaac.  Bernard gives up on his rescue plan to stay with Rose.


If your injured on the island you are likely to be healed by it. Just don’t get shot or fall off a cliff then your days are numbered unless Jack is around to do the surgery.

Kate tells Jack that she is the better shot, but in the series premier she asks if anyone can use a gun (pretending that she can not).

The letters in Bernie’s SOS signal were incomplete, but what he did make looks a lot like the computer screen in the hatch.

Looks like the computer screen in the hatch

Looks like the computer screen in the hatch

3 Responses

  1. Is this the second time we’ve seen Locke distracted enough that he won’t key in the numbers, and Jack comes in to remind him.

    Rose & Benard’s behaviours when they meet each other in the snow are the similar to after marriage on the island. Still having little arguments

    Rose saying that Bernards plan will give them false hope, reminds me of Jack’s dad telling him to give patients hope. Jack says “that’s false hope”.

    Even between Rose and Bernard, there is a lie. Rose tells Bernard that Isaac healed her which is the lie. Maybe the reason we all fight is because we have things to hide, or to lie about. When Rose resolved her issue, their relationship blossomed. It’s amazing she didn’t die, cos it seems to be the theme that if you resolve your problems, the island doesn’t need you.

    For us to remember things or to escape the bussling world around us, we just need a Time-Out. Just like Locke takes a time-out from the hatch, which refreshes his mind like meditating.

    I’m starting to think Kate is maybe playing for the Others or Widmore.

  2. The incomplete SOS sign looks more like a sad face.

  3. This episode also has the first refrence to Frogurt, who was quite annoying but was another minor charcter like Aldo who was quite interest.

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