LOST 2.20 Two for the Road (Ana Lucia RIP)

This episode’s title refers to Ana and Christian’s road trip to Sydney, and Ana and Libby’s trip off the island, and a play on words with One (drink) for the Road.

This episode’s ending was a shock to many even though we had heard that a major character would probably be killed during the show.  Once the flashback was revealed to be Ana we knew it would be her last (just like Shannon’s time was ended in her episode).  But few if any were ready for what was to happen after that.

Ana phone home

Ana phone home


Ana quits the police force after her mom/boss figures out it was her who killed the perp accused of shooting Ana.  She becomes a “wander” at the airport and meets Christian.  He needs a body gaurd to escort him to Australia and picks her.  She accepts and they each take a fake name (Sarah, after Christian’s daughter in law via Jack) and (Tom, after Christian’s son in law, via Claire, except they were not married).

Benry attacks Ana for killing two of his people (good people), he calls Ana a killer.  Locke saves her by hitting Benry with his crutch.  Ana decides to get a gun to enact revenge.  She asks Sawyer once before he is easily tricked by her later.  How he never saw her get the gun and take it I will never know as they were very close together 😉

In the flashback, Christian shows up at Ana room about 3 am to go meet someone.  We hear him say something about his daughter and that he owns the place.  Ana has to intervene when the woman starts hitting Christian.  The next day they are driving.  He asks Ana to share a drink with him (you know one more for the road), but she refuses.  When he gets to leave the car, Sawyer is there.  Ana talks to her mom who tells her to come home.  She flies on 815.

Back on the island, Ana makes for the hatch.  She opens the locked door and tells Benry to cut himself loose.  But she can’t kill him.  Michael wakes up from his coma and convinces her to give him the gun.  She does.  Michael apologizes and then shoots her.  A few seconds later, Libby comes in looking for blanket to share with Hurley on a picnic.  Michael shoots her twice.

He then opens Benry’s cell and looks at him before he shoots himself in the arm.  LOST

Ana and Libby pre RIP

Ana and Libby pre RIP


We all knew that Ana would die, but that Michael would kill her, and that poor Libby would be shot too, no way!

Christian has a daughter in Sydney.  Who do we know from Sydney on the show?  Okay its Claire that’s an easy one.  But who is the woman he met at the house.  It’s not Claire’s mom.  She is probably in the hospital right now.

I could never believe that Michael could lie so convincingly to Jack and Ana.  Mike was never a lier up to this point, but now he somehow managed to to fool everyone.  Did he just pretend to be unconscious all that time?

4 Responses

  1. Poor Jack. It seems like every woman that Jack has ever liked, Sawyer has a fling with. It’s happened with Kate, Ana Lucia and Juliet. But Jack doesn’t seem to get anything, and Sawyer is that one that goes all the way. I wonder if Sawyer is the one that Sarah is seeing when we watch a Tale of Two Cities? It would make sense.

    • I’d feel so sorry for jack and then he’d be saying something similar to what Ben said to Jacob; “What about me?”
      Also, I hate Sawyer.

  2. That lady that Christian is having an argument with could be Claire’s aunty whom we see in season 3 or 4. When her mom is in the hospital.

  3. This episode had one of the most shocking endings in the history of the show. I mean, we’ve seen our Losties bicker and fight amongst themselves, but now Michael has committed full-blown murder. We could forgive Ana Lucia because shooting Shannon was an accident. Michael knew what he was doing. Very shocking indeed.

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