LOST 2.21 (?) Question Mark (Eko)

Okay now. This was a very cool and creepy Lost episode. The scream of Mr./Mrs. Malkin’s daughter returning to life ranks right up there with the first “sighting” of invisible Jacob in the cabin.

Recap: Ana is dead, but the first thing we see is an Eko vision where Ana comes to warn him that he needs to help Locke. Her lip is bleeding which is interesting because usually it’s the nose that’s a bleeding on Lost. Then Eko sees Yemmi in the hatch who also tells him to help John locate the Question mark, which we know, appeared on the blast door map when John was pinned during Lockdown.

Mrs. Malkin tells a resurrection story to Eko

Mrs. Malkin tells a resurrection story to Eko

In the hatch, Libby comes back to life, so to speak, which freaks out Michael since he shot her and she could identify him as the killer of Ana. Luckily for him she dies, but not before saying “Michael” which Jack thinks means “Is Michael okay”. In a side story Sawyer has to show Kate where the guns are hidden in order to get the heroin to help Libby.

In the flashback: Eko is a practicing priest in Australia where he is giving confession to a man who is really just there to give Eko a fake passport for a trip to Los Angeles. His monsignor shows up to introduce him to Mrs. Malkin whose daughter drowned but was then apparently resurrected from the dead the next day. The monsignor wants Eko to investigate particularly because Eko is skeptical of the report.

Charlotte Malkin visits other places

Charlotte Malkin visits other places

He first visits the coroner who is skeptical too, but has a tape recorder version of the events of the autopsy on young Charlotte Malkin. We hear her screaming when the doctor tries to open her up for the exam (which was spine tingling and nerve rattling for me the first time I saw this). He then wants to talk to the daughter but Mr. Malkin won’t let him. He says his wife is making up the resurrection story to get back at him for being a psychic and a fraud. He believes his daughter went into hypothermia in the cold river and was in a comatose state until revived the next day. And the doctor was merely tring to protect his practice for nearly cutting open an alive patient.

Eko is willing to report the girl is alive as the miracle (and not the resurrection) to his superiors. As Eko is boarding flight 815, Charlotte approaches him to give him a message from Yemmi, that Eko is a good man and he should have faith himself because Yemmi still does (even though we know Yemmi died earlier). Charlotte said she met Yemmi when she was “between places”.

On the island Locke and Eko are tracking Ben but lose the trail when Eko says he is really taking John to find the “question mark”. John denies knowing anything about it until he has dream where he is Eko and Yemmi is directing him to climb up where the Beechcraft plane used to be. When the real Eko does this he sees a “q” on the ground which was made by someone pouring salt on the jungle floor.

Underneath the now fallen plane they find the Pearl hatch, and inside the Pearl station which was a psychological location with tv’s for monitoring the other stations. This leads John to believe pushing the button was a joke and his life has been one pathetic circumstance after another. But for Eko this has enhanced his faith in the island and he decides he will push the button now that John has decided to leave it.


  1. Locke says this is nothing but Rats in a Maze without Cheese to explain the psychological experiments. Faraday also trained Eloise the rat without cheese in his time travel experiment. I believe the whole show of Lost is basically a bunch a people trapped in a time maze, who are trying to find their way out.
  2. Jeremy noticed Eko limping while he followed Yemmi’s instruction to climb up to the Beechcraft. Basically he limped because this was Locke’s dream and Locke was still hurt from Lockdown.
  3. Locke’s mention of “all this is meaningless” reminded me of Ecclesiastes from the bible. Wikipedia lists some translations of Ecclesiastes 1:2

* “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

* “Meaningless of meaninglessness! All is meaningless!”

* “Futility of futilities, all is futile.”

* “Absolutely pointless! Everything is pointless.” (An American Translation)

In this Orientation video, Mark Wickmund, aka Piere Chang, can use both his arms implying that this video was taped before the Incident while the Swan video was taped after.

Eko says he wants to visit some friends in LA.   Could it be he is going to visit the LA X?  Los Angeles 10?

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  1. What is strange to me is that the video is copyrighted in 1980, which is after the incident. did the island heal his arm? Also the fact it was recorded on VHS and not the film projector, like the swan. Which suggests to me it was after the incident.

    When Malkin’s daughter woke up from drowning, it reminded me alot of Nikki & Paulo’s death in Expose’. Could she have been bitten by a medusa spider, and paralyzed?

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