LOST 2.22 Three Minutes (Michael)

Like the Other 48 Days, this episode has only on-island flashbacks which is good because what more do we need to know about Michael except he is trying to get his son back (and yet he seems to know very little about him).


Thing pop back and forth however I am just going to put the events here in chronological order.  A few episodes ago Mike sat down at the computer and while the Orientation tape said to NOT use the computer for anything but the Numbers, he decided to try and communicate.  Sure enough someone answered back with a “Dad ?”, leading him to believe that Walt was texting him.  (I am still not sure who really did this, probably Ben).  In this episode, Mike fools Locke into giving him a gun, he knocks him out, and locks Jack up so he can go after his son.  Before that he types to Walt who tells him to go North to the other side and find a rock with a square hole.  The A team then follows him.  Mike runs into some Other guy fertilizing a tree.  He recognizes Mike and asks about Walt which allows Zeke Friendly to grab his rifle getting off two rounds.  Then Mike uses his pistol a few times, anyway I counted seven shots which matches what Locke/Jack and company heard.  They only found two casings, so I am guessing the Others went back and put the rifle shells in another location for them to find.  Anyway Mike is caught be Zeke’s slingshot bolo.

Alex asks about Claire

Alex asks about Claire

During the night they stop allowing the A team to catch up.  Locke wants to go back to camp, but Jack won’t let Mike leave for fear that if something happens to him it will be on their heads.  We then see that Kate is captured while Mike is questioned by Alex about the wellfare of Claire and the baby.  I think Kate followed because she is Jack’s constant but that whole “constant” story line seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Anyway, Zeke says ‘light um up’,and  they get the A team’s gun’s in exchange for Kate.  Even though Alex could not bring Kate out to Jack, she manages to rifle butt Mike in the head.

They bring him to their dilapidated camp.  The Others are dressed in tattered clothes gaurding a bunch of teepees and a door that looks like a hatch into the mountain.  They draw his blood and ask Mike questiosn about Walt including has he been sick and ever shown up where he wasn’t supposed to be.  Mike says he was on the other side of the world at the time to which Bea Klugh asks did he see him there.  [Remember how Ben ended up on the other side of the world in Seasons 4/5 when he traveled to Tunisia?].   They allow him to visit with Walt for three minutes.

Walt tells him about tests he’s taken.  Bea gives Mike a list of names and tells him to release Benry and then bring Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sawyer back with him and if he does, Walt and he can be free and leave the island.

At the funeral of Ana and Libby, Hurley decides to join the hunt for Ben.  Locke ditches his crutches and decides not to push the button after watching Charlie throw his heroin statues away.  And Sun sees a boat headed towards them.


Pickett tells Mike he will see him in the “funny pages”, not “See you in another life, brother”.  I think this is significant because….

Eko tells Mike the story about the boy and his dog.  (Mike is wiping up the blood from the time he killed Ana and Libby).  In the story the boy kills his dog for attacking his sister.  The boy did not care about forgiveness but he was worried about meeting that dog in hell.  So the inference in my mind is that we may not see Mike in another life brother because he has chosen the way to hell, i.e. choosing not to forgive and seek forgiveness.

Charlie is tested by a dog

Charlie is tested by a dog

Charlie gets a present from Vincent, the Virgin Mary statues.  He leads them to Sawyer’s stash where he gets them all and throws them into the Ocean.  Was Vincent testing Charlie?  It’s interesting that once the statues served their purpose (easing the pain of Libby’s passing), they could be disposed of.

2 Responses

  1. [“Like the Other 48 Days, this episode has only on-island flashbacks which is good because what more do we need to know about Michael except he is trying to get his son back (and yet he seems to know very little about him).”]

    That is because Michael’s ex-girlfriend, Walt-s mom, kept father and son apart from each other for most of Walt’s life. They met for the first time since Michael and Walt’s mom part, a day or two before the crash.

    Why did you add that Michael didn’t know Walt very well? If you had seen Season 1’s “Special”, you would know why.

  2. Hi drush76

    You are right that Walt’s mom kept Michael from seeing Walt. I think she ran away with her boss, Brian. And then one day after she died Brian brought Walt back to Michael, so he hardly got to know Walt. But after missing him for years Michael must have realized that he gave up his son too easily. And now he was never going to let him go.

    I guess I wrote this at a time when we kept seeing Michael’s all out determination to see his son again, which became a bit repetitive to me since we had to wait a while before he finally got him back.

    Have you seen LOST all the way to the end?

    Not sure how far along you are in watching LOST so I won’t spoil it for you, but Michael’s relationship with Walt is revisited in Season 4 and again in Season 6. I am happy the way things (probably) turned out. But that is a discussion for another time.


    P.S. Thanks for the comment. It’s always great to discuss LOST again.

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