LOST 2.23, 2.24 Live Together, Die Alone (S2 Finale)

This is my second most favorite Lost finale in the five seasons of the show.  It’s Penny’s words to Desmond that always get to me.


Flashback part:

Des is released from jail with his watch, some keys, his picture with Penny, and a book of Dicken’s which he has decided will be the last book he reads before he dies.  He has been dishonorably discharged for not following orders in the Royal Scottish Regimen.  Outside Widmore is there with a all of Des’ letters to Penny.  He tries to bribe him not to see her again.  He also tells him Penny is going to marry someone very soon.  Des flies to Los Angeles to begin training for a boat race around the world.  We see him preparing to run up the stadium steps (Jack is seen in the background) when Penny appears.  She said you can find anyone with enough money and time (foreshadowing her search for Desmond after his boat is lost).  Desmond needs to get his honor back and show Widmore he is not a coward.

Unfortunately Des’ boat is capsized in a storm and Des ends up on Lost island.  He is dragged from the shore to the hatch by Kelvin Inman a CIA spook, who was also kicked out of the service when his men followed his orders.  Last we saw he was speaking Korean to Sayid in Iraq.  He joins the DI and Radzinsky teaches him the secrets of the island.  You must be injected or you will be sick, the Lockdown can be triggered manually, the button must be pushed every 108 minutes or else use the failsafe, and there is a hidden map on the blast door.  Kelvin is training Des to be his replacement but Des does not know this.  Kelvin tells him that Radzinsky shot himself after going crazy.

Until one day Des follows him outside the quarantined hatch where Kelvin takes off his mask and heads for the cove where he has hidden Desmond’s boat.  Des is furious that he has kept him there for 3 years without telling him the truth.  Desmond knocks Kelvin against a rock and leaves him for dead to go back and push the button.  But he is too late and the EM begins to leak causing the hieroglyphs to show and strange sounds to be heard.

Des reaches the breaking point when he realizes all his Lost.  He has wasted his time on this island trying to win Penny back and now he is stuck in a hatch with no one to talk to and little hope for the future, trapped pushing a button in futility.  He is about to kill himself when he picks up the Dickens book to begin reading it, when all of a sudden a letter from Penny drops out.  She knew about the book and wrote a letter to remind Desmond of something very important.

Please don’t give up, Des. Because

all we really need to survive is one

person who truly loves us.

And you have her. I will wait for

you. Always.

Desmond freaks out and tries to destroy the hatch, when he hears a noise.  It is Locke pounding on the hatch the day he lost his faith in the island, the day Boone dies because of Locke’s actions.  Des is not alone anymore.  Three days later he gets a visit from Locke and repeats what Kelvin asked him when he showed up in the hatch, What does one snowman say to the other?

Current time:

Des left the island a few weeks back when the computer was destroyed.  He tried to go to Fiji but he believes he is stuck in a “bloody snowglobe” and can’t escape.  Charlie (sarcastically) tells Locke that Des has returned.  Locke finds him drinking heavily at the beach and asks him, so what does one snowman say to another?  Smells like carrots, he replies.  Locke tells him about the Pearl station psychological experiments.  He believes the button is just a mind game.  So Des wonders why he still pushes it.  John has stopped but Eko has taken up the cause.  They decide to get Eko to stop.  They trick him by using the lockdown procedure.  Eko will not give up and tries to convince them to push the button.  Locke will not but Desmond is not so sure.  Locke gives him the log from the Pearl and Des realizes the day he stopped pushing the button Oceanic 815 crashed.  Eko uses dynamite to try to open the door.  Des opens it to get the Dickens book where the fail safe key is.  He must get to the fail-safe or they will all die.  Des realizes that Locke saved his life so Des could save them all.  The hatch begins to implode, with magnetic objects flying all over the place.  Des goes to turn the key telling Locke he is sorry he lost his faith, but it is all real.  He turns the key and…..

On the other side of the island, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley figure out that Michael betrayed them when they notice that an Other is already following them.  Sayid figured this out already and his plan is to stake out the Others at their ramshackle camp.  When he gets their he sees it was all a fake, the door leads into a rock, the Others are not there.  He tries to warn Jack by setting off the signal fire, but too late.  Jack and the group are captured.  Michael trades them for Walt and goes sailing off on a bearing of 325 as Ben has told them that is the way to rescue.  It’s then that the key was turned and a violet haze is seen in the sky and loud noise and then nothing.  Did time itself change?  Jack’s group will be going with Ben to a new location (home Ben calls it).

Back on the Losties side the huge hatch door comes crashing down nearly hitting Claire and Bernard.  Charlie appears from the jungle.  He survived but where is Locke, Eko and Desmond?  He and Claire share a moment when night falls.  And then we are watching a scene somewhere in the South Arctic.  A Portuguese team of scientist realize their equipment is telling them they have spotted the EM anomaly there were looking for.  They call Penny to tell her, “We think we have found it!”.  LOST


  • By Penny’s bedside is the picture they took together in England.  There are three duplicate pictures.  Des has one, Penny has one, and Naomi has one.  How did this happen?  The day of the picture taking Des and Penny never saw each other again.  I guess a simple answer would be Penny went back to the photographer and asked for a copy.  But then how did Naomi get one?
  • Desmond lost his faith in the hatch, Locke helped him regain it.  Locke lost his faith pushing the button, but Desmond helped him regain it at the hatch.  All roads lead here (that hatch).
  • Who’s idea was it to make the list of names for Michael to get?  Benry was locked in the gun closet the whole time.  There was a couple of minutes when he pushed the button for Locke during Lockdown.  I guess he could have sent a quick message then.
  • Mike said he accidentally killed Libby, but would Hurley have gone with them if he hadn’t shot her.  Maybe Hurley is right, Mike would have killed her also even if he had time to think.
  • The big question.  How did Penny know to look for an Electromagnetic anomaly to find the island?  My theory was that she was actually looking for Desmond’s boat and that the island was blocking the signal until the fail-safe key was turned.

3 Responses

  1. Now watcing Charles Widmore with what we know now, I think he was trying to protect Penny from something that was going to happen to her which involved Desmond, possibly Ben hunting her down, which we know didn’t happen the right way. Charles has possibly used the time-travel device to find out the future.

    There are a lot of instances where fate steps in, for this episode. Sayid needs a boat for a contigency plan, Desmond receives the boat from Libby. I wonder if the Libby encounter is before or after she was institutionalized. The theory of Dave being her husband sure would make sence. Leading to her going insane.

    Sun gives Jin a chance to go and help his friends, but this time he takes Sun with him.

    I’m not sure how the bird call sounded like it was calling Hurley. No matter how many times I watch the scene, nothing makes out that the birds says anything that resembles Hurley. We see the same bird in the last finale also, as they apporached the dark territory, and it gives off the same screach.

    I can’t believe we are seeing the very spot where Jacob resides, as Sun, Jin & Sayid sail around the island. ow watcing Charles Widmore with what we know now, I think he was trying to protect Penny from her sad enevitable end, which Charles has possibly seen or knows about.

    Going along my thoughts about the whole show being a con, is exactly what Sayid was saying about an element of suprise. The tight knit and lack of information on the plot has been extremely cautious.

    There are a lot of instances where fate steps in, for this episode. Sayid get’s a boat, Desmond receives the boat. I wonder if the Libby encounter is before or after the institutionalization of herself.

    Sun gives Jin a chance to go and help a friend, but this time he won’t go without her.

    How does that sound like the bird says Hurley. No matter how many times I watch the scene, nothing makes out that the birds says anything that resembles Hurley. We see the same bird in the last finale also, as they apporached the dark territory, and it gives off the same screach.

    I can’t believe we are seeing the very spot where Jacob resides.

    When Desmond was slipping in & out of consciousness what lead him to being discharged from the Military? Remember the Constant episode?

    The scene on the dock resembles the scene when the O6 helped Ben kill Keamy, and there was an agreement to let them off the island.

    The moment Locke threw the computer to the ground when he was arguing with Desmond, was when the countdown reached 316

    I noticed Walt didn’t say much, as his voice would have been deepened due to pubity, so I think they took audio from the first season to make it sound like season 1 Walt.

    The scene of the antarctic camp, is very mysterious, and presents a few questions. Does Penny know that in this very instance in time, that would be able to track something or find Desmond, if so, then she would have prior knowledge of this event, and that Desmond is there. Another question is, I thought the island is constantly moving hence the purpose for the lamp post station to predicts where it’s going to be. So how is Penny going to be able to find the island if she only has a window of opportunity. Is it because the failsafe went off that the island stops moving, so therefore each 108mins the island moves somewhere on the earth. If the island is now statrionary after the fail-safe, this would explain why Widmore is able to find it via the freighter, but the frozen donkey wheel must be a backup to the Swan, so if my theory of the island moving every 108mins is correct, the manual override is the frozen donkey wheel, which didn’t have to be initiated until the Swan broke.

    In regards to the Penny & Desmode photo. I believe the copy Naomi had was a photocopy, as you can clearly see it’s a printed copy on white paper, maybe Charles grabbed Penny’s copy to scan. But I’m not sure about the second copy. In the third season we see that the photo was some sort of polaroid, so there were no negatives to be able to make a copy. It’s possible they scanned the photo and printed multiple copies of it.

  2. Great job guys. Really enjoyable to listen to you guys… in fact, I listen to you guys while I am playing war games. My old name is Windmore.

    • Steven,
      Thanks for listening. Jeremy is into some computer war games. I like Tomb Raider myself.

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