All About Lost ReWatch Eps 12 (S2 19-Finale)

A podcast that covers the conclusion of Season 2.

MP3 File

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  1. I haven’t been listening for a long time now…which royaly sucks…sorry guys…I’m looking forward to future All About Lost casts!

    • Cool. Thanks for coming back to the show, Kristen. We are just getting ready to start Season 3, so good timing !

  2. You have a great point about being in between worlds when you’re comatosed. I’m sure you remember the resurrection story of Jesus, when one of his apostles asked what he had been doing for the 3 days he was in the tomb. He said he was teaching the dead.

    How is this related to LOST? Maybe during the flight they hit bad turbulence on Oceanic 815, and they are all unconscious and between worlds, and are meeting up with the dead.

    • Good point. It also reminds me of the C.S. Lewis story, the Magician’s Nephew when the kids travel “between worlds” by diving into pools of water in the forest. When they come out the pools they don’t know where or even who they are at first. But then they remember.

  3. Also you spoke about the island being selective about who it choose to heal. But I remember Naomi, falling out of a tree with a branch piercing her lung, and the island choose to heal her. Was she a threat to the island with Widmore’s goons, or are you wrong about the island selectively healing people.

    • Another good point. I don’t really have a good explanation. Another example along those lines would be Keamy who was shot by Richard Alpert but then came back to be stabbed by Ben. They explained this by Keamy wearing a bullet proof vest.
      Of course in both cases they were only “healed” temporarily and died later, so maybe the selective island healing theory still holds, I don’t know. We can always say what was meant to be was meant to be and this was just the universe course correcting the outcome it always knew should happen.

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