LOST Season 3 (Eps 1-6) ReWatch Listener Analysis

Here is Jay Jay’s listener analysis for the first six episodes of LOST Season 3.  If you would like to send in your analysis for any of the upcoming episodes in Season 3 please send them to the locations listed below.

You can email us at “tlepodcast@gmail.com” or twitter at “twitter.com/allaboutlost”.

Please try to send any of the next series of episodes (Not in Portland, Flashes Before Your Eyes, Stranger in a Strange Land, Tricia Tanaka is Dead) before this Sunday September 13th.  I will then take as few or many you want to send and post them (you are not required to do them all).

And you can send any other Season 3, 4, or 5 episode analysis whenever you want to and I will post them according to the ReWatch schedule. TLE.

LOST 3.01 – The Tale of Two Cities (Jack)

Seeing the plane breaking up made this season opening a great one. I’d been waiting 3 season just so see it.

I’m suprised they showed Juliet so early into the first scene, usually they leave us hanging and only give us a view from the back or something to not disclose the person’s face. Juliet uses a CD, which is another form of medium for media. Which makes me question when the CD was invented, and how it got on the island?

When Juliet opened the door, is that Amy (Ethan’s mom) we see?

It would be a shock if it was Sawyer who was seeing Sarah.

I wonder if it was Ben’s purpose to let Kate wear Alex’s dress, so that Ben could see what Alex would look like as older Alex.

Obviously the Hydra was an island for animal research, so are they testing Jack, Sawyer & Kate as animals.

I fail to see how Jack & Juliet were able to close the door in the hatch, when that much water pressure was being released. It would have been virtually impossible to close the that door.

LOST 3.02 The Glass Ballerina (Sun)

Jin is not a killer, even though Sun thinks he is capable. But Sun is a killer, and has no remorse for killing Coleen. Did Jae get pushed out of the window, or did he commit suicide knowing that Sun’s father would not stop, or was it the guilt that made him jump? I think it could have been Sun actually, as he held the pearls he wanted to give Sun.

The Red Sox winning the world series was a great reveal that they still belonged in the real world.

LOST 3.03 Further Instructions (Locke)

Boone says to Locke that they’ve got him, and he is talking about Eko being in the bear cave. But why does Boone refer to the bear as them. Or has the island got him, and is the island a major player. I’m guessing the island/Jacob/Anti-Jacob wants to use Eko in some way, so any thing that does not fall into that team, must be the other team.

I can’t believe we haven’t seen a polar bear in like two seasons, and it’s a CGI bear.

Locke finds a Tonka truck inside the bear cave. I wonder if it belonged to a child, which was one of the hostiles.

Locke is seen not to be a killer, as we’ve seen that Jin is not from the previous episode. I wonder if this determines if island finds favor in them.

LOST 3.04 Every Man for Himself (Sawyer)

The fact that Desmond experiences dejavu had been linked to medical reports of patients who have undergone MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to experience bouts of dejavu after the treastment. So I wonder if the exposure to electromagnetism from the fail-safe being turned, has made him now “unique”.

In this episode Ben is proving to Sawyer that he is the better Con-man. Is it common for con-men to read alot?

LOST 3.05 The Cost of Living (Eko RIP)

I wonder if the intention of the 3 affected by the implosion of the hatch (excluding Desmond), was to illustrate: See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil. As Lock was unable to speak, Charlie could not talk, and well Eko can’t do anything, but he can’t see at this time.

The others practise some type of ritual for the death of their own. As they wear white garments at a funeral, there are several religions that wear white at funerals. Where normal people find it quite normal to wear black. We see the others giving the body to the sea, instead of burial. A body that is not buried on the island must not be allowed to exist.

Ben seems confused at how Jack knew it was his X-rays. But if Ben was the manipulative type, it would have been all as planned for Jack to stumble across the x-rays. Ben has to make Jack want to perform the surgery, so it’s Jack’s free will to choose. But how can it be free-will if you’ve been manipulated? I think alot of the Losties have been manipulated to make a certain decision.

A deep thought I gained while pondering on the free-will issue is about what media shows us. The media gives us news that is evidentally biased, and we choose to believe what we will, by what they tell us. So is it a conspiracy of the media? What has this got to do with LOST? I’m reminded about the conspiracy that Widmore planted about the Oceanic plane crash. Is the show about a conspiracy?

It’s interesting the crucifix neclace has a leather string around it, I thought it had a silver chain? Is this the start of all the continuity errors?

How did Mikael know that the camera was on, or was feeding a signal at that particular time?

LOST 3.06 I Do (Kate)

I don’t think any of the previous episode were that bad until this one. I think this is the first of the bad string of episode this season.

We still don’t know the reason why Kate has to run. Does anyone know? It’s not because she killed her dad, because when she was younger recording the tape for the time capsule she mentioned running, and we know that’s way before her killing her dad.

I’ve just realise, is it any coincidence that Kate’s first boyfriend is Tom and now she’s with Sawyer. You know, Tom Sawyer!

The girl on the speaker was obviously Alex, and she’s rebelled against Ben. But was it’s in Ben’s great plan to get Jack to see the monitors so that he would decide to operate? Because at this stage he is still not going to perform the surgery.

2 Responses

  1. TLE and Jeremy,
    I love your show. Jeremy is a little bit of a smarta$$, but, he has good taste in music. Jeremy … On the August 21st podcast, what is the name of the band playing at the beginning and end of the podcast. Kind of fuzzy-synthsizer + a little new wavish + a little heavy, but melodic. I can’t get it out of my head. Keep up the great work, guys. Oh, by the way, I really liked your “trade winds” reference in the “… 48 Days” intro. You painted a good picture TLE, then Jeremy pee’d on it. – Jeff

  2. exciting news! This Saturday, September 12, in Anaheim, CA, LOST cast members are going to be making a public appearance at Disney’s D23 Convention; additionally some really fantastic pieces of LOST history are going to be on display- including Kate’s toy plane, Hurley’s winning lottery ticket, Locke’s hunting knife, Sawyer’s letter and many other surprises! These items will be on view Thursday September 10 through Sunday, September 13, the entire weekend of D23, and will be up for auction after the series finale in May of 2010.

    Look for the guys in the Dharma suits! Full story at profilesinhistory.com

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