All About Lost ReWatch Eps 13 (S3 1-6)

The start of Season 3. The first six episodes, that most argue are the worst of the series, what will Jeremy and T.L.E. think.

Episodes until 3.06 "I Do".

Next weeks featured episodes are
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Not in Portland (Aldo)

MP3 File

One Response

  1. I think you might be onto something TLE. When you theorized about there being an alternate reality where 1. Juliet detonates the bomb or 2. The fail safe goes of in the swan.

    Although my theory is different in that, what has been going on in the last 5 seasons is that Course Correction has began and has been successful. I don’t believe the Swan should have been built, and maybe the Others shouldn’t be living in DharmaVille, basically what we have been seeing from season one should not have happen, but has happened because of the Dharma Initiative and their crazy experiments.

    The reason Oceanic 815 crashed was to fix what had been happening. Daniel Faraday, Mr Eko, Charlotte, Boone etc. will not have to die, their sacrifice on the island was required for them to move forward through ‘THE COBRA” so that events will unfold. To ultimately get back to the one event that NEVER should have happened. That is the INCIDENT.

    I think season 6 will be the events unfolding as they should have happened, had the incident not happened. Maybe the characters will experience dejavu or memory lapses, which will spur them onto become good friends. Or Jacob might summon them all back to the island to live happily again, without opposition.

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