LOST Season 3 Episodes (7-10) ReWatch

Please leave any comments here about these episodes by Sunday.  We are recording Sunday night (hopefully).

Not in Portland
Flashes Before Your Eyes
Stranger in a Strange Land
Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Here is Jay Jay’s analysis of episodes 7-10.

Not In Portland

I found it amusing Mr Friendly takes to blood like Hurley does.

The outrigger canoes we see, are they the same as the ones the people on
Ajira were traveling with?

I would still like to know how the others are able to get off the island,
as we see Richard & Ethan.

Flashes Before Your Eyes

How many lives do the losties have? I think Charlie is on his third and
Claire has been close to death a few times. Something makes me think that
that are already dead in a way.

It’s obvious that McCutcheon Whiskey reminds Desmondo of the old days. When
Charlie called him a coward, it really ticked him off. Probably because it
reminded him of Charles Widmore’s comments about him, we even see Penny
accuse him of being a coward.

Widmore mentions if he has any military experience, as we know Charles was
wearing military clothing when we flashed back to the 1950’s in season 5. I
think Widmore was part of the military but defected after realizing the
uniqueness of the island and decided to stay.

Desmond predicted rain because he had experienced it before. I wonder if
it’s the same reason Locke has predicted rain.

It was a very good question to Penny when he asked “why, do you love me?”.
Does she have prior knowledge of something. I think it’s more than just
he’s a ‘good man’.

How does Eloise get work at the Jeweler. Did she know Desmond would pick
that store, on that day. If she really didn’t want Desmond to have the
ring, she could have refused the sale. But she ends up giving it to him and
fortunately for her Desmond starts to have second thoughts later.

When Desmond throws the ring in to the river it reminds me of Lord of the

Stranger in a Strange Land

It was funny the see that even when Jack got transferred to the cage he wasn’t as stubborn as Sawyer and ignored the warnings of the feeding device.

When Jack is caged, and he acted like a wild animal when Cindy and the others were watching. It could be that all of those capture had been brainwashed. Or they were WATCHING to see the reasons why those who had not been taken by the others, turned out uncivilized. That is why they were not on Jacob’s list.

This episode might have more significance to it now that we’ve seen season 5. Jacob has marked Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Jin, Sun & Locke. The same as Achara has marked those in Thailand. Also Juliet gets marked by Isabel. If anyone were to be Annie from the past, I think Isabel would be the best candidate.

Tricia Tanaka is Dead

I’m very fascinated with what Hurley’s dad said to him, “You have to make your own luck”. We also see a horseshoe in his room, so he’s a big believer in superstition.

Hurley’s entrance to the mansion was octagonal in shape similar to where Michael picked up Walt in Australia. And we know the Dharma logo is the same shape.

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