LOST Season 6 Poster Photos

What’s cool about this is that all our main characters look like they will be back for the final season!  Maybe if I concentrate hard enough the producers will get my  brain wave to them, “Libby Libby Libby Flashback Flashback Flashback” !!!

Click to make these pictures larger.  Pictures from DocArtz.com and IGN.com:

Season 6 poster (left side)

Season 6 poster (left side)

Season 6 poster (right side)

Season 6 poster (right side)

Season 6 poster

Season 6 poster

4 Responses

  1. And the reason Locke is turned away from the camera is… ?

    • Did you guys ever see the back of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band album cover. Paul McCartney is shown with his back to the camera, just like Locke.

      Are the Lost powers that be referring to this album?

      The clues from some of the Beatles songs inferred that the real Paul was dead and this guy on the album was a substitute. Creepy, no?

  2. Thanks for posting these great pictures of the poster! I’ve been wanting to see a good picture since Comic Con.

    I don’t go to DocArtz unless I have a direct link to what I want to see. I’m spoiler – phobic. lol

    • You’re welcome Tess. I try and avoid the spoilers also. I just want to experience ithe show fresh. But I get spoiled sometimes anyway because I am so curious.

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