LOST Season 3 Episodes (11-14) ReWatch

Here are the comments for this week’s episodes:

Enter 77
Par Avion
The Man from Tallahassee

Enter 77 (Sayid)

Kate was right when she said “it doesn’t make sense” when talking about Mikail. It would seem he was telling the truth about working the Dharma Initiative by the way he yelled at Sayid, when he shot him and saying he has some agreement. Why would he still be wearing a Dhama Initiative uniform if he wasn’t working for them?

When Sayid said that the horses stirrups were for a shorter person, Ms Klugh doesn’t look shorter. She’s a farily tall woman, from what I can see.

It’s interesting that Mikhail and Bea both want to die. Is it because they know the island will heal them?

When John won his computer chess game, the computer entered into a bonus round. I found the options interesting, especially the pallet drop ‘enter 2-4’. My theory on how the pallet drop happened back in season two is that Hurley in the 70’s must have scheduled it. We know Hurely likes to play chess, as he plays with spirit Mr Eko in the mental hospital. So maybe he made his way to the flame, played a round of chess, and scheduled a pallet drop for himself in 2004.

Coincidentally Enter 77, is the year they all went back when they were part of the Dharma Initiative.

Locke destroys yet another hatch. If this is course correction happening, and the island is attempting to remove anything Dharma, then all is going as planned, through John.

Par Avion (Claire)

Mikhail dropped some very interesting points of information in this episode while being forced to trek alongside Locke, Sayid, Kate and Danielle. Having been approached by a man (maybe Richard Alpert, who even approached Juliet) – he arrived on the island when he was 24 via submarine, which could freely come and go from the island. He confirmed that it was the electromagnetic pulse that had knocked out their sonar beacon, leaving the sub without navigation and unable to leave for fear of never finding the island again, and spat that the Losties could not understand why the Others wouldn’t want to leave. He demonstrated his own deep knowledge of the Losties, called Kate “flawed”, Locke “angry”, Danielle “weak” and Sayid “frightened”, declaring their full names and even going so far as to begin announcing Locke’s former paralysis.

When Mikhail is inspected by Kate due to his sonic fence incident, you can actually see him still breathing. So Mikhail is definitely not dead.

The Man from Tallahassee (Locke)

I can’t believe how unlucky Locke is. Everytime he makes contact with his dad, something bad happens. This time the police interrogate him.

I found it intriguing that Ben made a promise with Jack, but it had conditions, which he knew would not be fulfilled, therefore he wouldn’t be accountable if it didn’t go to plan. Is this how Ben is so crafty and manipulative.

Something interesting that should bring up a good discussion is if the submarine is blown up or not. When Locke goes to the sub to rig it up with C4, we see he is dry. When he comes back from the sub he’s wet. If you look closely to the scene where the sub is supposedly blown up, it seems the dock blew up instead. So the questions begs, did Locke blew up the dock or the sub. My theory is that Locke rigged up the dock to convince everyone the sub has been destroyed, but isn’t. How else did he get wet in the process. I would have thought that entering the sub you would also be dry exiting it. How did he get wet? Did Locke move the sub to a secret location for later use, and swim back to the dock?

Ben mentions the magic box, and you know my theory about how everything happens as a result of it.

Tallahassee has a few connections on the show, Sawyer claims to have come from there, Kate visits there, and the home of the world’s largest electromagnet resides there.

Expose’ (Nikki and Paulo – Who are they, anyway?)

1. We see Billy Dee Williams as the Cobra. No this is not the “cobra” term I was referring to in my previous comments.

Interesting that the Director of Expose’ said they could bring Nikki back, it’s the same thing that the producers of Lost do.

I’ll now have to re-watch the trailer again to see if there are any more inconsistencies with the scene of the crash.

When Paulo was in the pearl, he overheard Ben & Juliet. I can just make out a conversation about Tom covering something up with the plane. If he meant the hatch door on the surface, that would mean Paulo would be trapped inside. And why is Juliet and Ben wearing the tacky clothing?

Just before Nikki was bitten, I could hear what seemed to be Smokey.


2. Hey Jeremy and TLE just some quick thoughts on Expose. I felt like most lost fans that Nikki and Paolo were introduced in a random way. After a while I started to grow used to them as people who had always been there but had separated themselves from the main group because Nikki mainly wanted to find the diamonds. There were some good moments in the episode like seeing Ethan and Paolo hiding the diamonds in the Pearl Station and him overhearing Juliet and Ben discussing their plan and Locke’s things don’t stay buried on this island line. Ultimately I liked this episode as it revealed why Nikki and Paolo were separate from the main survivors and it wrapped up their characters.


2 Responses

  1. Danielle “weak” and Sayid “frightened

    i thought the Danielle was frightened (evades every human encounters) and Sayid – weak (tortured people)

  2. Lostpedia says Sayid was “weak” and “afraid”, but you might be right. I remember the episode differently than Lostpedia and the camera does pan to Danielle at some point during Mikhail’s explanation of why certain people are not on the list.

    I wonder also if the list was made before people arrived on the island since Locke was para-lyzed and Mikhail is about to say that before he gets cut off.

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