LOST, Fringe and FlashForward Thoughts

I haven’t done a post in a while so it’s time to get back in practice.  Just watched the first ever episode of FlashForward which as you know is being sold as the new Lost.  First thoughts were that they (ABC execs) are definitely trying to interest us Lost fans.  We get to see Penny (Sonya Walger) as one of the principal stars and in the trailer for upcoming eps we see sightings of Dom Monagahn which I expected and Cassidy (Kim Dickens) who I like a lot but did not expect to see.  Of course the introduction was very Lostlike with the catastrophe on display.  Here it was people blanking out for 2 minutes (gee if it was 3 minutes they could have tied in a Lost episode title) which caused cars and buses to collide around the world.  Of course in Lost the central catastrophe was the plane crash.  And the title, FlashForward is a reference to the flashforward’s that started occurring during season 3 in Lost ( I am guessing about the same time that Flashforward went into preproduction).

The first half of the show was actually very slow and somewhat pedestrian.  We have seen plenty of police shows and car crashes, and disaster movies, so it was just a bit boring for me.  The second half was better as the characters discussed what happened to them during their individual flashforwards.  I liked that some wanted their future to happen and some dreaded the prospect.  It’s hinted that knowing their future is causing people to influence their behavior now, which could make for some interesting shows to come.  The only characters that really caught my eye were Sonya and the brunette who died in (Iraq?) but who is alive in the future.  Her husband also is an interesting actor.  The others were sorta bland (sorry).  There was also a reference to Prison Break with the bulletin board keeping track of clues thing.

Fringe is made by the producing team behind Lost (except for Damon and Carton of course – they’re busy anyway).  At first I found the show was trying to be creepy for creepy’s sake.  It took almost the entire season to see the underlying story they were getting at.  I found Olivia Dunham to be too cold to be a heroine I could root for, but again by the end of the season I did start to care what happened to her.  What’s best about Fringe is it’s Stephen King like story lines and macabre black humor.  This is exemplified by Walter Bishop (played by LOTR’s John Noble).  He is both strange and strangely hysterically funny and the humor is subtle which I like.  And the “Another Universe” theory on Fringe is very similar to our Lost theory of Over Lapping Timelines.

So bottom line is I am digging Fringe now, looking forward (ha, I made a pun) to Flash Forward and coming up soon is “V” with Elizabeth Mitchell.  I watched “V” when I was in college and this version has that really beautiful woman from Firefly (Morena Baccarin).

I have a theory that we are going to see lots of our favorite characters from past seasons on the final season of Lost.  Somehow they all have gotten jobs on other shows which (hopefully) will allow them to quickly come over to film their Lost cameos.

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  1. We got Flashforward here in the UK on Monday so I will send some thoughts then, but I am interested in it and there have been a lot of promotions UK broadcaster. Will you keep watching it TLE?

    • I will be watching, Jamie. My only concern is that they will try and put off the more obvious sci-fi elements too long. On Lost we got a glimpse of the “monster” pretty early. I think the Flashforward story will turn to what I like when it gets to the part about the people who did not blank out for two minutes. I am worried about the characters being somewhat uninteresting, but Dom should lift things up I expect.
      Please send your comments I would be interested in what you thought. For some reason I find the trailers for “V” to be more exciting.

    • We saw your post and thought we’d drop you a comment to let you know we have a FlashForward facebook page if you want to become a fan:
      We’re also running a competition at the moment where you can win £2,000 of Trailfinders vouchers – all you have to do is create your own FlashForward.
      Hope you enjoy next week’s episode on Monday at 9pm on Five in the UK! 🙂

  2. I’ll be tuning in on Monday night for Flashforward as well.
    The second season of Fringe doesn’t start here until 4th October, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Walter’s outrageous behaviour. I loved it when he couldn’t get Astrid’s name right, and kept calling her all sorts of things, including Asteroid.
    No news yet on V being shown in the UK.

    • I hope they show “V” there in the UK. Did you see the original show or am I the only one old enough to remember?

  3. my dad has the old V on VHS we use to watch it all the time hope this new one does well

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