LOST Season 3 Episodes (15-17) ReWatch

Please send me your reviews to these episodes and I will post them right here on the blog and cover them in the podcast.  Send them (or any future episodes) to “tlepodcast@gmail.com””

3:15 Left Behind (Kate)
3.16 One of Us (Juliet)
3.17 Catch 22 (Desmond)

Left Behind (Kate)

Cassidy seems smarter than we believe she is. If she was so smart, than how did she get conned by a conman. Somehow I’m starting to believe she’s the one conning Sawyer. Maybe Clementine is not Sawyer’s but she’s conned Sawyer into believing it is, so that she could make money from it.

How does Juliet know it’s going to rain soon? and when it does the smoke monster always appears. There has to be some connection between smokey and water. We see when Ben summons the smoke monster and there seems to be some watery plug. Maybe Ben summoned the monster at that time and it scanned Juliet. There seems to be a pattern with the Smoke monster, first it scans you, like for Locke & Eko, then it comes to get you. Just like in this episode it scanned Juliet, then it came to get her.

One of Us (Juliet)

I found it interesting Juliet showed her ability to manipulate when she was able to take the drugs back to Claire, and standing down Sayid & Sawyer.

Catch 22 (Desmond)

I don’t believe we’ve seen the events that Desmond explained about his religious calling, but it would be nice to see. He even goes to say that he woke up from something he experienced and didn’t know how he got there. Probably from a bout of conscience traveling.

I wonder if the parachutist was Penny, and since Desmond changed the future by saving Charlie, then it changed to Naomi.


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  1. Another thing, the schedule is only showing 3 episode per week from this point on, so you might need to update the post subject to episode 15 to 17. Episode 18 will be in the following week.

  2. Thanks JayJay
    I typed in the schedule for next week. It’s fixed now.

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