The Twilight Zone (50 years) and LOST

Okay The Twilight Zone created by Rod Serling scared the bleep out of me more than a few times.  These people who inhabited the “Zone” lived in a place of darkness and they all were trying to escape something, someone or themselves.  Here are a few of my favorite episodes.  I think I watched most of them pretty late at night on Channel 20 probably when I was about 16 years old.  Channel 20 was our local “independent” station (not associated with a big network).  I digress, here are some of my favorite episodes:

In To Serve Man, the protagonist is looking for hope from another world, but is lured by promises of a life full of bounty and a false peace between the nations.  He becomes trapped by the aliens he trusted.

In Where is Everybody a man finds himself walking along a dirt road he enters a diner and then a town where there is no one to visit, no one to see or talk to.  He is utterly alone.  What happened to him?  Is he the last survivor of an apocalypse or has something else happened?  How can he return to the land of living?  What has happened to him reminds me of a certain scene with a naked agent Dunham in Fringe and the movie Altered States.

In Time Enough at Last the great character actor Burgess Meredith (the Penguin on TV’s Batman) finds himself wanting to escape the real world and spend all his time reading the great books that he loves so much.  He gets his wish but winds up in a particular kind of hell.  Plenty of books to read but…. By the way, Burgess Meredith reminds me a lot of Michael Emerson ( a bit in appearance) but mostly in that they seem to become a particular character who is very kind, somewhat lonely and a little bit “off”… and somewhat isolated from the rest of the everybody.

I never realized how much Rod Serling looks like Richard Alpert.  I was going to write a long treatise on how Lost compared with The Twilight Zone, but I guess I don’t have to.  Just watch these episodes and you will see.  Here is the scariest of them all.  It’s a story about Us versus The OTHERS.  Separation and Oneness without personality.  It’s late at night as a write this and it brings back many creepy memories.

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  1. I read Twilight and I am just starting New Moon. Here

    This sounds hilarious. The Twilight books are fun and entertaining but they are often ’sigh out loud’ ridiculous so the parody should be entertaining as well.

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