ReWatch – Season 3: Jack Kate Sawyer Juliet

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Although I complain a lot about romantic relationship ‘whiplash’ around the end of Season 4, at least at this point in the story I think the romance has been handled deftly.  The Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet triangle is played to a crescendo in these last few episodes.

Jack has every reason to not to trust Kate.  The marshall told him not to trust her no matter what she does or says.  She lied to him about her reason for wanting to get into the gun case.  She used him basically.  He needed her to support him when he worried about the Locke problem, yet she went to the hatch to help Locke get into it.  She snuck behind a group that went to chase Michael and got her self made hostage, which led to Jack giving the Others all the guns.  She got picked by Ben as a means to trick Jack into performing surgery on Ben’s back.  Jack heroically saved her and Sawyer even after she betrayed him by two timing in the infamous cages.  She even returned to save Jack but ended up ruining his plan to escape the island by submarine.

Yet I believe as I have mentioned a few times during the ReWatch, that Kate’s motives are actually good.  She knows more about their island situation than even Jack because somehow she knows this island and may even be reliving these events.  A big clue is when she says tells young Tom why she has to run.  I believe that Jack and Kate are still the primary characters in the show.

Kate has every reason to trust and need Jack (can we say Constant everyone).  But somehow Jack will not commit to her.  Maybe its the marshall, her past, and all the clutzy things she’s done, or maybe it’s the only way to protect her.  Anyway I think Kate is drawn to Sawyer mainly out of her frustration with Jack (i.e. not being able to tell him the whole truth).  So when Jack begins to take to this outsider (Juliet) it pushes her over the edge.  I wish the producers would have shown Kate crying before she enters Sawyers tent because it would have given us a chance to feel some real sympathy for her.  To me Kate seems very maternal and is a bit of healer so she is drawn to people who are hurt.  She helps patch up Sawyer after he is shot on the raft.  She helps Sun when she loses her wedding ring.  She  helps “down on her luck” Cassidy (after she is conned by said Sawyer).  She rushes to Jack’s aid when he is trapped in the caves and so on.  To many fans surprise, I am going to say, that Kate may be the most heroic person on the show in a way that is very sad for her.

Sawyer is all about survival, and he also desperately wants to be connected to people but his con man ways have left him distrustful because he knows how easy it is for people to lie to get what they want.  His entire family was wiped out because they did not have much money and his mom was tricked by a con man (Cooper) which led his dad to kill her and himself.  Unfortunately Sawyer followed the same path because he needed to survive.  His parents were gone, his uncle who cared for him died of brain tumor, leaving him to fend for himself.  Saywer is surprisingly one of the smartest people on Lost, he is both book smart and can “read” people.  Sawyer is drawn to Kate because she doesn’t put up with his crap, aka lies.  She also cares for his health and well being.  But Sawyer used her when he made the play for the guns.  In a way, it was test of her faithfulness to him and she decided not to leave him even after what he did to her.  That turned the tide for Sawyer, now he trusts her and protects her from the Others.    He is even able to forgive her for using him in anger against Jack, which is very rare Sawyer he doesn’t usually forgive or forget (just ask Cooper and Tom Friendly – no wait you can’t, they’re both dead).

Juliet is two totally different people.  Off the island she is a push over… letting her husband control her and Mittelos Bioscience appeal to her desire to be liked and respected to lure her to the island.  On the island she is tough as nails.  She zaps Sawyer and points a gun a Kate, and later kills a man.  She is also a schemer, who planned to use Jack to kill Ben and then infiltrates her self into the Losties camp by working a con with Ben. There is yet another twist to this con, but that is coming up in the next set of episodes.  It’s interesting that Jack trusts Juliet because she wants to get off the island as much as he does.  But then in S5,  Sawyer trusts Juliet because she wants to stay on the island with him.  Juliet is a unique person because she comes to the island not to use it, but to save it from itself.  The island is killing off the population slowly by disallowing pregnancies to come to term.  Juliet wants to help, but Ben Widmore and the Others are there to manipulate the properties of the island for their own selfish reasons.  There is more to her story that I need to save for future episodes.

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