LOST Season 3 Episodes (18-20) ReWatch

Here are this week’s episode comments and theories from JayJay:

3.18 D.O.C.
3.19 The Brig
3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain

3.18 D.O.C. (Sun)

Sun’s actions in taking money from her father resulted in the way Sun’s father treated him as a son, and now he’s become the man who delivers messages to their victim’s.

I’m totally convinced the fertility problems on the island have been brought about by Ben. Remember the magic box? Pregnant mothers die on the island because Ben brought the curse as a result of his experiences with his own mom. Why does the island heal? Because there are doctors on the island. Desmond has flashes of the future because he wants to change his past. Magic box my friend!

3.19 The Brig (Locke/Sawyer)

This is some great acting by Josh Holloway in this episode. Some people have suggested that the profile that Richard gives Locke is similar to profiles created by interpol. I know Mikhail is the one gathering information, maybe he’s an ex-interpol officer. Sayid was digging before Hurley turned up to tell him about Naomi. I wonder what he was digging?

3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben)

The Others seem to know all about Locke. They’ve probably heard stories of him showing up at different points in time, plus the fact Jack confirmed in 1977 to Richard to never give up on John, when they were in the tunnels dismantling Jughead. Locke really became the man we all come to know after his father was killed.

It was interesting Ben said to John that Richard doesn’t know where Jacob is, but in fact he does, and it’s not in the same location as what Richard knows. Unless Ben is just taking Ben to another site where supernatural events happens, but doesn’t want to disclose the true location.

The fact that in the beginning of the episode we see Ben staring at the gift Annie gave to Ben on his birthday, I am to believe that she is dead. But how she died still remains a mystery.

Olivia is a woman mentioned on the mysteries of the universe clips the producers have been revealing to us during the hiatus. Also Phil got a mentioned.

As Ben was in the class, we felt what seemed to be an earthquake just before the hostiles came. I wonder if the quake came from Smokey.

Hurley, Miles & Ben are known people who can commune with the dead.

I’m starting to like the theory that the one inside the cabin is actually Jacob’s nemesis, and it was Jacob who trapped him there with the ring of ash, it seems the ring of ash is actually larger than we think, as it was still quite a way from the cabin. Ben doesn’t actually know there are two beings that are playing the game, he is only aware of Jacob. So when he experiences a supernatural even, he can only assume it’s from Jacob. I’m actually convinced it’s his nemesis in the cabin by the way he talks to Locke saying “HELP ME”. Maybe his name is also Jacob. I wonder if there is a relationship between Smokey and the ash.

Talk about whiplash, no one knows where Juliet’s loyalties lie.

Richard believes Ben is special in his flashback and probably believes he could be a candidate to be their leader from his ability to see dead people, Richard seemed surprised when Ben told him this. We don’t know if seeing the dead requires gifts or if everyone can see the dead.

In the time frame of things, we should be seeing Charles Widmore and Ellie.

Ben should know that Locke has had a kidney operation and where he shot wasn’t going to kill him because he doesn’t have that kidney anymore, so why not take another shot and make it sure?

2 Responses

  1. “I wonder what he was digging?”
    could be potatoes 🙂

  2. “Unless Ben is just taking Ben” – mistake

    Bunch of people saw dead people – Eco, Jack..

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