All About Lost ReWatch Eps 17 (S3 18-20)

We are into the home stretch of Season 3. Here are the episodes I discuss this week:
3.18 D.O.C.
3.19 The Brig
3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain

And next time I will discuss my favorite finale episode.

MP3 File

4 Responses

  1. What’s with the Phil Collins music in the past couple of weeks? Is it a tribute to Sawyer’s mixed tape for Kate?

  2. You brought up the topic of the test that Ben had to undergo to prove his allegiance to the hostile ie. killing his dad like John had to. I don’t see Ben’s purpose of doing this since he was healed in the temple, Richard said he will always be one of us.

    The other thing about Annie, my theory is she was with Ben, until she got pregnant and then she died during pregnancy. This is another reason he is devoted to the infertility problem. What do you think?

  3. Yes. It’s possible what you say about Annie. Man if losing his mother wasn’t hard enough… losing his only friend on the island must have been devastating.

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