LOST Season 4 Episodes (1-4) ReWatch

This week’s ReWatch covers these episodes from Season 4 (The Freighter Season):

4.01 The Beginning of the End (Hurley)

4.02 Confirmed Dead (Dan, Miles, Charlotte, Frank)

4.03 The Economist (Sayid)

4.04 Eggtown (Kate)

Oh BTW, here is how the earlier seasons were themed.  The Lost writers consider these like Chapters in a book:

Season 1 (The Losties, The Oceanic 815 survivors); Season 2 (The Hatch); and Season 3 (The Others).

4.01 The Beginning of the End (Hurley)

When Hurley Cannonballed into the sea, how much time elapsed? Because he missed Desmond rowing from the sea, when he get’s out of the water Desmond has arrived.

When the beachies were arguing over contacting Jack about the freighter folk, Hurley interupted and asked where Charlie was, which made them all think about, no matter how important we think what we’re doing or where we’re going, the most important things to us are the ones around us. It was a great time out for reflection.

When Abbadon arrived at the mental hospital, he was sitting in front of a half played chess game. Who was he playing with? If Widmore owned Oceanic, I’m not sure how Abbadon wasn’t able to have a business card, with Oceanic on it or even a badge or logo on his suit.

We never knew it, but the time that the beach crew meet with Jack’s crew and Locke, this would be the last time the group would be together again.

I said it before, but I’m sure that there’s something magical about counting to 5, when Hurley does it to Charlie he disappears. When he tried to get rid of Dave without the counting, it didn’t work.

When the tribes were split up, it would have been smarter to go with whichever group didn’t have Ben, as the freighter folk were only after Ben.

4.02 Confirmed Dead (Dan, Miles, Charlotte, Frank)

Locke seems like he loves the rain, kinda like he hasn’t felt rain on his face for a very long time. As he was standing out during a freak storm.

Why would they gave Daniel a gun if they weren’t going to train him how to use one. We remember the time he tried to use one, he got shot in 1977.

I thought Miles couldn’t talk to the dead. Although it seemed like he could in this episode.

It’s fair enough the writers tell us the future can’t be changed, but maybe subtle things can be. How is it that what Mile’s did, could change the picture frames? I wonder if they are saying that the family is better off now financially, than before Mile’s came. Maybe the amount of money Mile’s found was changed, somewhere in time, maybe the son gave some to the old lady before he died, so she could afford metal picture frames.

4.03 The Economist (Sayid)

We still don’t know what is meant by the engravings on Naomi’s bracelet: “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G”. Who is R.G I wonder?

When Mile’s asked Sayid, “do you think you’re going to leave with out me?” Sayid replied “no”. It looked like Sayid was about to crack up laughing.

Maybe the so called, Jacob’s cabin, moves around like the island.

Mile’s said he only met Naomi on the boat, but we know she met with him before that for an ‘audition’.

I wonder if Sayid’s words about everyone having a boss is a small reveal about the levels of order in the show. Like, does that imply that Jacob has boss, and his boss has a boss and so forth?

Ben has a hidden room, I wonder if this was brought about when Richard broke through the wall in season 5, when going for Jughead and letting Jack & Sayid out.

When Ben said “I guess they’re running out of jail space”, that made me think, there is a jail that Dharma used, and how come Locke doesn’t use it.

Elsa could be working for Jacob. If she is then, Ben is against Jacob, the person he devouted his life to serving. I’m finding it hard to track which team is what. Abelino the man on the golf course had Ilana working for them. And she also worked for Jacob. But from this episode we are to believe that Widmore is working in opposition to Ben.

4.04 Eggtown (Kate)

When Kate met Jack in the back exit or the court house. Kate referred to Aaron as a baby. I thought that was odd.

It was interesting what Sawyer said about when she get’s angry with Jack she’ll come running back, and is exactly what she does off island when her and Jack can’t make their relationship work, Kate comes back to the island in 1977 to be with Sawyer.

Did you know the memory test Daniel was having with Charlotte, one of the cards shown can be seen in Aaron’s room when Kate comes in.

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3 Responses

  1. ” it would have been smarter to go with whichever group…”

    Yeah. It bugs me. Hurley said he should’ve gone with Jack instead of John. Why? It is kinda selfish if it is only to avoid being in group with Ben. I think the writers messed it up, and changed their minds in the next episodes of season 4..

  2. Kate returned to the island to find Claire. Not “to be with Sawyer.” I’m not sure if you meant it like, it happened unintentionally, but the show was pretttttttty clear she didn’t go back for him.

  3. Kate went back to the island to find Claire and basically because she will follow Jack anywhere as we are shown all through season 5, only once does she not follow him, although during the incident when he explains his reasons to her she soon follows him again, because she is in love with him and she cannot deny him. Kate didn’t return to the island to be with Sawyer, once Jack told her he loved her, she never “slept” with Sawyer again, she spent the night with him but nothing more.

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