LOST Season 4 Episodes (5-7) ReWatch

** I plan to do an All About Lost Live this Monday, 2 November ** Sorry for the delay in doing this.  I will update you with details to come.  TLE

This week we reWatch:

4.05 The Constant (Desmond)
4.06 The Other Woman (Juliet)
4.07 Ji Yeon (Sun)

We find out who is the remaining member of the Oceanic 6, why Juliet “really really” hates Ben, and we get the most emotionally satisfying episode of LOST (IMHO) in the story of Penny’s long search for Desmond.

4.05 The Constant (Desmond)

Desmond explains he had a dream that was so vivid he thought he was there. The characters in FlashForward described their flashforwards the same way.

What confuses me is, has the events taking place happened before, or are we seeing the first instance of Desmond being confused?

Desmond asked why Daniel didn’t need protection for his head, but then we see why his brain is fried in his flashback during Season 5.

4.06 The Other Woman (Juliet)

I wonder if Dharma had a photo of Juliet and Ben has tried all his life to find Juliet, after all she is the one who saved him as a child. Or is it the fact she look like Annie or his mom.

4.07 Ji Yeon (Sun)

In this episode, did Jin let it slip? He asked Kate “what happened?” and it sounded fluent and not the slow speech that would have come from a person learning a new language.

The captain might be right about Ben Linus staging the crash wreckage. We know the Others like to collect dead bodies, maybe they need the dead bodies to stage a crash of this magnitude. We see in the 70’s when Amy’s husband was shot and the others wanted his body. They could have possibly received orders to collect as many bodies possible for a feat like this. Which reminds me of the runway build which was an act that was preparing for a future event.

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