ReWatch Character Study – Charlie, Claire, Aaron, Hurley & Libby

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I picked these four characters because they are all pretty good friends on the island and therefore have many character interrelationships.  The only exception might be Libby who stays on the Losties side of the island for only a short time before her death.


Charlie is what we call a one hit wonder.  He breaks through to pop stardom with his band’s hit “You All Everybody”, but then just as quickly as he is famous he becomes unfamous.  The band he cofounds with his older brother Liam falls prey to drugs and groupies.  Which leads to an embarrassing commercial with band dressed in diapers.  Liam leaves the band to correct his drug addiction,but Charlie refuses to give up.  He was urged by his mom to save the family from poverty (his dad was a butcher), which led her to buy Charlie a piano for Christmas.  After he can’t convince Liam to rejoin the band, Charlie flies from Sydney to LA on Oceanic 815.

His brother Liam was all the family Charlie had left (Liam referred to their mom in the past tense, inferring she his dead).  So Charlie had Liam to look up to and to lead him through life.  That is why Charlie has such a strong paternal instinct for Aaron.  Charlie’s family is Claire and Aaron and he wants to protect and lead them, since this was lacking in his life.


Claire was abandoned by her boyfriend and father of Aaron.  This fact and her being pregnant on an island with only one doctor, a crazed French woman who steals her child, and her kidnapping by Ethan, leave her as a very scared individual.  Her dreams of her early life also haunt her.  Her dad supposedly died when she was young, but she remembers his kindness in singing lullybuys to her.  She also has dreams of Locke as somehow being a danger to Aaron, but this is the same Locke who builds her a cradle and protects her when Charlie acts strange for carrying around a Virgin Mary statue with heroine inside.  Charlie is the only person who looks her in the eye and doesn’t treat her strangely for being pregnant.  They cement their relationship when Charlie provides her with the peanut butter she craves.  Charlie decides to sacrifice his life when Desmond tells him Claire and Aaron will be saved by helicopter if he can disable the radio signal from the Looking Glass station.  Claire disappears on the island while Sawyer sleeps and Kate has to take care of Aaron off the island.  What happened to Claire is still a mystery, however she is seen by Locke in Jacob’s cabin with her real life dad Christian Shepherd who has returned to the island (and the dead) to take care of her.  Is she dead?  She might be because she survived when her house was exploded in Dharmaville.


Hurley is the unlucky lottery winner.  He used the numbers to win the lottery, even though his friend at the insane asylum told him not to.  Hurley went on a quest to find out the origins of the numbers, which lead him to Sydney where he boarded flight 815.  He ended up on the island and sure enough the cursed numbers were everywhere.  As a young boy his dad abandoned him to look for work in Vegas.  His dad constantly told him to make his own luck, but a depressed Hurley just eats chicken and watches TV shows like Expose’.  Hurley is very honest and on Lost he represents us the audience (without any hidden agendas).  He makes friends with just about everyone but Charlie is probably his best friend, even though Charlie does not believe his story about being a multimillionaire.  When Charlie dies he is the one who tells Claire what happened.  Hurley sees Charlie again after Hurley makes it off the island.  Charlie tells him “they” need him back on the island.  Hurley thinks he is having a vision, but I think it probably is Charlie alive (maybe he travelled forward in time before he died).


Libby is a mysterious but easily liked character who survives flight 815 and then befriends Hurley.  He seems to recognize her and we know that she was in the same insane asylum as Hurley.  On the island she is a laid back psychologist who helps Hurley and Claire through their mental issues.  She is shot by accident by Michael and dies the day she and Hurley were going to have their very first date ( a picnic).  Hurley is shattered by this which leads him to go find the Others to seek revenge.  Libby may have known Dave, Hurley’s imaginary friend and gives Desmond a boat that was her wedding present.  The rest of the story is unknown.  Why was she in the insane asylum and why does she watch Hurley so closely.  On the island she is good person who takes care of those in need, but why was she on Flight 815?


Little baby Aaron… Stolen by Danielle who lost her baby Alex to the Others.  Does Aaron have special powers or was he just a miracle baby (born on the island when other babies died)?  Why did Charlie pass his Drive Shaft ring to him as the family heirloom/  Could the people who live on the island now be in a long line of ancestors who lived or visited there before?  Are they the true inhabitants of the island?  Set to live there where impostors like Ben or Widmore will eventually be destroyed for trying to usurp control over it?  Lets find out in Season 6….

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