LOST ReWatch Season 4 Episodes (8-10)

4.08 Meet Kevin Johnson (Michael)

Sawyer looks so comfortable in Dharmaville, probably because he’s done it all before, or it’s fore-shadowing his soon to be Dharma experience.

Is this the first time we’ve heard whispers off-island?

Locke said “no more secrets”, that’s all they’ve been doing since the first season. Keeping secrets from their friends and from us the viewers.

The public seemed to be excited about the Oceanic 6 returning, why weren’t they interested in Michael & Walt? Hadn’t no one recognised him, and he said nothing to his mom about the whole ordeal. How is it she is shocked to see Michael visit her, but not shocked at having Walt staying with her. How did Walt end up there in the first place?

How can Keamy stash that much C4 on the ship (as we will see later) and not be discovered by Michael.


4.09 The Shape of Things to Come (Ben)

I love Ben centric episodes.

I don’t think this is the first time Ben has been to the Hotel in Tunisia. Which makes me wonder how many times he has turned the donkey wheel. Something triggered in the head of the lady giving him the keys to the room. Maybe she had to contact Widmore to tell him that Dean Moriaty had arrived.

I wonder if Sawyer is able to revive people the same way Jacob could. Since he’s been touched by Jacob, he might have some of his power, to be able to revive Claire. We saw a similar event when Charlotte got shot by Ben and Locke touched her a revived, but she also wore a bullet-proof vest. Coincidence? or are they trying to make us think something?

The quaking of Dharmaville is similar to the quaking when the Hostiles invaded Dharmaville when Ben was in his school class in the 70’s

It’s funny how the Doctor on the freighter is not fine, then Jack is struck down later. It’s a bad day for Doctors.

How does Ben know where Widmore is? It’s like they know they are playing a game. If Ben want’s to kill Widmore or vice versa, they both need to find a loop hole. That’s all I could keep thinking about.


4.10 Something Nice Back Home (Jack/Kate)

I sensed Juliet feeling a bit jealous when Jack said to her that he wanted Kate there during the operation. And we know she has ruined two chances of love for her, Kate ruined her chance with Sawyer and now Jack.

We know Charlotte knows Korean, I wonder if Jin tried to teach her back in the 70’s.

I believe Jack starting his drug habit because he believed he started hallucinating, then escalated to Oxycodone.

We see the island bringing bad fortune to Jack both on and off the island in this episode. And I loved it when Hurley told Jack, that it seems too good to be true. Like it’s all a dream, is the whole show a dream?


8 Responses

  1. “why weren’t they interested in Michael & Walt? Hadn’t no one recognised him”

    maybe he did not have a lot of friends?
    As for the others, i doubt there are many people who will recognize him. They showed Oceanic Six on TV, but doubt they showed the rest of the passengers. What for?

  2. I beg to differ. When the Oceanic flight 815 went missing I’m sure the TV’s around the world would have plastered the faces of all the passengers over the screens. How else did the Other’s know about the Losties, remember Mikhail obtained profiles on all of the losties, they wouldn’t have been able to do this if the media hadn’t release the names to the public.

  3. I thought this too… surely one of Michael’s friends/family members knew they were on 815… suddenly they turn back up, and then the plane is found. What’s the story? Nobody is suspicious? Hmmmm

  4. “Like it’s all a dream, is the whole show a dream?”

    i thought writers denied this explanation.
    and i think it would be stupid.

  5. I’m on the same wave length as James.

    And toh, I’ve always thought the show was a dream, but I have to take the producers word that it isn’t.

    Have you ever seen the movie CONTACT, it stars Jodie Foster. She makes a machine that allows her to commune with her dead father, althought the world claimed she was out for a few moments, there was video footage of static that lasted an hour or so. One of my theories is that the passenger on Oceanic 815 have experienced turbulence and they all have gone unconscious for a few moments, but those moment have felt like seasons 1 to 5. Remember how there are easter eggs in the show of LOST TIME anagram for MITTELOS. Well the 3 or so years that have elapsed have only been moments. So this would explain the lost time paradigm.

    They will finally erase the last 3 years, maybe with Jughead or by other means, and come back to the plane. Hence the connections with the Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, where it was all a dream. There’s also the connection with Narnia, how time is different in one place and is shorter in the real world.

    This is just one of my theories.

  6. and what about Penny, Dez? other non-passangers?! Juliette? all season all drama for nothing? dont think so. I think they revise the past mix things up but not cancel all of it!

    In Contact it was alien in the form on her father.

  7. Everyone go back to their own life, had the island never exisited. Des would have finished his around the world challenge, that’s if destiny still plays a part, maybe Penny & Des get married first time around, and it never matters anymore.

    Sure maybe it doesn’t cancel all of it. Jacob could be intervening for the first time to fix things up in season 5. For instance, Kate turns out to be a fugitive in the show. What if what Jacob did in the S5 finale was to change the past and the future. Now we have a Kate that’s learned her lesson from shoplifting and turns out to be a good person, that would make sense with all the comic-con videos we saw.

    PS. It’s debatable if her father was an alien. It could have all been in her head for all we know. She needed closure and it was the only means to obtain it.

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