LOST Season 4 ReWatch Episodes (11-13)

Cabin Fever

There’s no way Emily is 6 months pregnant. You see her waist in the opening scene and it shows no sign of a pregnancy.

When Locke describes to Hurley about what happened to the Dharma Initiative there are some inconsistency about his facts. 1. He tells Hurley that there must have been over a hundred people (Ben tells Jack over 40). 2. He tells him that they made the products they were eating (ranch dressing etc.). Both are not true, but it’s not his fault. He was only telling the story how he knew it, with the limited facts he had.

The test that Richard make John perform ends up being right for Locke. I’m not sure why Richard doesn’t except the answer. Was he expecting the compass, as it was the thing he was given by Locke through his time jumps. And I don’t know what it is about kids and working on LOST. When Ben was younger he didn’t say much, and Locke doesn’t say much in this episode, that disturbs me when watching.

I found it interesting that Abbadon said he went on a walkabout and he came back a different person. Maybe others have gone on a walkabout, or he’s just plain lying to convince Locke to go on one.


There’s No Place Like Home Part 1

It’s funny how luck is all about perspective. We see this in Hurley’s past flashbacks how he has to make his own luck, but also in this episode we see the co-pilot holding a rabbits foots and comments about they need it for the cargo they have. Now you can think of it like the co-pilot, or you can think that they bring good luck, as they are survivors, so it’s a miracle they lived.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, how was Michael unable to discover that much C4 on the boat, and if he did, he could have thrown it all overboard. How is it, they couldn’t do that, by carefully moving the explosives onto the Zodiac and let it ride out.

I wonder if Richard can be killed or not, as they pointed a gun at him. This has happened numerous times.

Just when Ben’s injury scars were healing, he gets hit again, by Keamy. Has he ever been without a facial scar?


There’s No Place Like Home Parts 2 and 3

I’m thinking that when Kate reverses the car to talk to Jack, is actually an alternate time line.

Miles demonstrates another ability by reading Charlotte’s mind, one that we thought he already had, but is different to what we know it as in Season 5, he knew that Michael wasn’t Kevin Johnson in a few episodes back. One theory that people think is happening, is the dead spirits are telling him about what’s happening. Kinda similar to the whispers, maybe he has sensitive ears to be able to hear the whispers we can’t.

I don’t know how the donkey wheel area got so cold. When Chang started to excavate the area, it wasn’t showing signs of being cold. And Ben seemed to know where it was, so it makes me think he’s done it all before. I wonder if Ben pushed the wheel of it’s axis on purpose.

Lapidus was heading towards the island and Jin & Faraday on the boat would have been further out then the helicopter, so how did they move with the island and they not.

When Mr Eko died, we see the same flowers around him with his confrontation with Smokey, as we do for the entrance of the orchid. Coincidence?

I wonder if for the same reason the Cabin was able to move around the island because the ring of ash was broken, that when Ben turned the dokney wheel and allowed the island to move around, I wonder if this allows the islands dead to leave the island and haunt Kate with Claire, and Jack with Christian, also Charlie & Mr Eko with Hurely. Although we did see Libby off island, but was it a dream or manifestation.

How can Penny kiss a guy who hasn’t brushed his teeth at least a few weeks since the hatch blew up?

Why did Jack have to lie? He could have integrated with society the same way Michael did. I’m sure with the cooperation of Penny, they could have obtained false identities.

I was thinking of a funny scenario, maybe the funeral palour guy who asked if Jack was friend or family; was because he wanted to know who to bill the funeral costs to.


5 Responses

  1. teeth could be cleaned by nails and some grass could fresh the breath.Also they could take some toothpaste to the beach before the hatch exploded.

  2. When’s the podcast for these episodes coming?

  3. I am waiting to see if Jeremy is going to join me this weekend. If so, we will hopefully be done by Saturday night. If not, I may get it out sooner. Sorry for the delay. This will be the last rewatch podcast for Season 4. I will start the Season 5 rewatch after I get the DVD’s on December 9th. Thanks for your patience.

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