LOST and Star Trek

This is the second in my continuing series (until I run out of ideas) on shows that influenced LOST.  In my first post, I profiled the classic B&W mystery sci-fi, “The Twilight Zone”.  Fate worked out for me that time as it was the 50th anniversary of TZ.  I picked Star Trek this time because of the new DVD release of “Star Trek (2009)” directed by J.J. Abrams and co-written by Damon Lindelof.

I loved Star Trek.  Growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Star Trek was a show that represented a hope for the future.  People living in the 23rd Century could get along without bigotry and prejudice and all the people of the Earth were united enough to send the international cast of the Enterprise out into space “to explore new worlds, and to seek out new civilizations”.  Under all the drama and suspense it was a hopeful show and I think LOST is as well.  LOST banded together an international cast to explore strange new worlds (the island) and to seek out new civilizations (the Dharma Initiative).  On LOST we have to cope with survival in a world out of our normal environment and so it goes with Star Trek as well.

The Characters:

Just for fun let’s compare our main characters.

Jack/Kirk: Both natural leaders, smart and savvy, and willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the ship (I mean flight 815).

Sawyer/McCoy: Both are smart aleck’s willing to argue against Jack/Kirk’s methods if necessary.

Sayid/Uhuru: Both are communications officers.  One uses a computer to communicate and the other uses torture.  I guess there might be a slight difference there:)

Faraday/Spock: Both are scientific and think somewhat in a logical fashion.  Spock has the ears and Dan the tie.  Both have breakdowns (Spock experiences human emotion and Daniel cries for no reason at all – after seeing a TV show with the fake 815).

Kate/Yeoman Rand: The “hot” women on the show who attract the leading men.  Both are kept at arm’s length the first season but the tension is definitely noticeable.  I almost put Kate together with Spock because they are sort of the “go to” people for Jack/Kirk in times of trouble.

Red Shirts: I need to mention the idea of the “red shirts”. On Star Trek the minor characters with speaking parts always seemed to die a horrible death (usually during that episode).  LOST makes fun of this, and provides foreshadowing when Boone makes mention of this shortly before his ugly demise.


Here are some of my favorite Star Trek episodes and a few in particular have a nearly direct LOST connection:

The City on the Edge of Forever

The episode involves crew of the Enterprise discovering a portal through space and time, which leads to McCoy accidentally altering history. Sound familiar at all?  Yeah I know it does.

Space Seed

The crew of the Enterprise awakens a powerful dictator from Earth’s war-torn past.  He uses mind control to get people to do what he wants. The tie in to LOST could be Ben who uses manipulation to get what he wants, or maybe the MIB is the dictator (or soon will be).  This episode was the basis for the movie “The Wrath of Khan”.

Mirror, Mirror

The episode introduces the alternate reality “Mirror Universe” concept in Star Trek for the first time. The episode has a transporter mishap swapping Captain Kirk and his companions with their evil counterparts in a parallel universe. Parallel universe and parallel timelines, sounds like maybe LOST Season 6?

The Devil in the Dark

Captain Kirk and Mister Spock face off with a deadly subterranean beast. Distant relative to our friend Mr. Smoke monster possibly?

The Trouble with Tribbles

Cuddly creatures turn into a menace quickly when they reproduce out of control aboard the Enterprise. Fertility issue but of the opposite kind to LOST. Actually I picked this because it is a purely humorous episode, like many of our Hurley centric ones. How about this S6 title… “The Trouble with Hurley”.  It seems natural since we’ve already played a similar game with Star Wars in “Some Like it Hoth”.

Click on any of the episode titles to watch that episode.  I hope you enjoy them as much as a have.

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