All About Lost ReWatch Eps 22 Part 2(S4 12B)

In the second half of our Season 4 Finale podcast, we discuss There's No Place Like Home parts 2 & 3. My favorite season after S1 and tops for action and adventure. I make a special announcement about the Season 5 DVD set including a way to see sneak peeks prior to the official release.

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5 Responses

  1. Juliet actually tell Daniel that she won’t get on the boat until all the people have left the island. It is in this episode I believe.

  2. I don’t know why the donkey wheel chamber was frozen, but I believe when Locke decided to turn it, way in the past, it wasn’t cold at all. Also in the season 5 premier the area wasn’t cold as they tried to drill through the wall. So somethings amiss there.

    The other thing you said was that Penny was on the Searcher when Charlie received the transmission from Penny. I don’t think she was, because in the episode The Constant, we see Penny in her apartment in London with a Christmas tree, and that was several weeks after she spoke to Charlie. She did receive a call from the artic station while she was in bed, so it’s possible Charlie spoke to Penny direct from London.

    In the Constant, Penny said she’ll come find them. I wonder how long it took her to find a boat to sail to the middle of the Pacific?

  3. Sun blames the death on two people:
    1. Mr Paik
    2. Is not Jack, she blames Ben for the death as is seen in Season 5, she wants to blow Ben’s brains out.

  4. Was it fate that broke your PS3?

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