Official LOST Season 5 Sneak Peak Videos

Season 5 Sneak Peak Videos:

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

Clip 1: One of Ben’s People: This deleted scene from LOST’s fifth season episode “Namaste” takes place when Christian Shephard, Sun and Frank Lapidus meet at the abandoned Dharma barracks.

Clip 2: The H Bomb (Making up for LOST Time): We know LOST fans are eager to hear anything Darlton has to say, so here’s a clip of them — plus Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Jeremy Davies (Faraday) — talking about the concept of changing the future. Check it out!

Clip 3: Action-Figure Faraday: The shoot-out at the Dharma barracks in “The Variable” was one of the biggest action sequences of LOST’s fifth season. Watch how the crew set it up, with commentary from Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Jeremy Davies (Faraday) and Eric Lange (Radzinsky).

Clip 4: Finding LaFleur: This deleted scene from LOST’s fifth season episode “Namaste” shows more of Miles and Juliet’s conversation about Sawyer’s whereabouts at the Dharma barracks’ underground security office.

Clip 5: Breaking Down the 100th Episode: LOST’s 100th episode, “The Variable”, was a major event for the fans, cast and crew. This clip features multiple interviews discussing this milestone, plus behind-the-scenes footage of a production meeting and location set-ups.

Clip 6: PHY 101.2: Find out what you’ll be studying in LOST University’s PHY 101.2 “The Physics of Time Travel” course — with particular attention paid to wormholes that transport you through space and time.

4 Responses

  1. I can’t watch any of these, it says it can’t be shown in my region.

  2. Here in the UK I can watch the second and third clips but not the first. Same problem as Jay Jay.

  3. Also I hope your PS3 will be fixed soon.

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