LOST ReWatch Season 5 (Episodes 1-3)

Took apart the PS3.  Cleaned it, rebuilt, still not working.  But somehow I will find a way to press on with Season 5.  Here are JayJay’s comments.  Please drop your own comments below in the comments section.  I plan to podcast these eps right around the DVD release date of 8 December.  TLE

5.01 Because You Left  (Jack/Ben)

It seemed Ben deliberately dislodged the wheel off its axis so that the island could keep moving in time. This seems like his great plan all along so that he could get back. Daniel says, “whatever Ben Linus did in the orchid, maybe has just dislodged us”. And ironically, that’s what he did, by dislodging the donkey wheel.

I thought the Other’s went to the Temple. But they were with Locke in the Jungle.

I wonder what makes the difference whether you’re capable of jumping through time or not. I wonder if it’s the connection they have with each other. Season two seemed to be hinting at the degrees of separation between everyone. Maybe because it was the island’s plan to get the Oceanic 6 back, that it also made the remainder of the Losties jump in time. If that makes sense.

What are the rules of what time travels or not?

Even when Daniel is explaining the abnormal events, he says to Juliet your people and us are moving in time, is talking about the Losties and the Freighter folk? Or the Losties and the others?

Widmore might have just found his loophole in Sun, since he can’t kill him directly, maybe this is another means.

Why does Ben send such a critical people to investigate plane crashes. He sends Ethan, wouldn’t he know that if anything were to happen to their own doctor, then his people would be in big trouble?

It’s funny when they do scenes and then leave us hanging for the answer, the answer is pretty much given in the next scene. When Daniel talks to Sawyer about the rules, he asks how can we stop it, he says we can’t stop it and Sawyer says, “then who can?” then it goes straight to Locke.

We know the first time jump went into the past a few years before the crash about the time Eko helped his brother load heroin, the second into the future about 2007, a few days after Ajira 316 crashed. the third time is in the past, but how long we don’t know. It must be within the 3 years Desmond has been in the hatch, but before Kelvin Inman died, or else he wouldn’t have worn the hazmat suit, he saw Kelvin take it off and knew that it wasn’t important. Now that I think ot it, it’s must be after Kelvin died, as he asked if he was his replacement. But then why would he be wearing the protection since he knows it’s useless.

How has John figured out they are time travelling, I guess he saw Ethan and that’s what tipped him off.

It’s obvious Locke does meet Richard in the past, but the first time it happens it’s quite possible there is no compass, but this time Richard gives him a compass to give back to him in the past, which will make the alternate timeline different by just a compass.

I’m sure Miles could tell if Juliet likes him since he can read minds. As he makes the comment, “the chick digs me”.

Desmond could have received his memory from any point he met Daniel to the so-called present, so why is the memory gained now and not at the point he got rescued by Penny?

5.02 The Lie (Hurley)

I want to know if the dead are trying to help Hurley or not. Ana Lucia even says the words “if I were real”, but Charlie said “I am dead, but I’m here”. Are there dead people who are working for opposite sides. Maybe Ben can summon the dead.

Jill the butcher, seems like an Other that has been allowed to get off the island.

Season 5 seems to be the season of “time-outs”. Sawyer mentions a time-out when talking to Faraday in the previous episode, and Rose asks Neil to take a time-out. We see several time-outs during the finale.

I don’t know how Frogurt got hit by the flame in his direction, as he was facing the beach, the arrows would have been coming from the jungle behind him. Even when they are running towards the jungle, the arrows are heading in the direction they are running.

If Locke wasn’t a killer before, he certainly is one now. He even kills a few of his own people, but without knowing it of course.

Why is Eloise an ex-member of the hostiles, who is so anti-dharma, working in a run-down Dharma facility?  My thought is she must have worked for Dharma before.

5.03 Jughead (Desmond)

When I first discovered the title of this episode. I thought Jughead was referring to Desmond.

As Desmond walked passed the arches on the university it was the same place he first met Faraday.

I wonder who is their leader at this time, it seems like Richard is leading them. I wouldn’t think someone as young as Widmore or Eloise would be a leader now. Both seem to be from England, do the hostiles selectively pick recruits from certain countries?

Miles walks over another grave.

Why can John throw a knife, but not shoot a gun. He killed some of his people in the previous episode.

Desmond first met Daniel in 1996. I believe Widmore funded Daniel’s project so that we could determine what the future held. I don’t think he is as evil as he’s been portrayed. I think he knows full well that Desmond and Penny don’t want to be found, as he knows Ben is after them, and he wants to keep it that way. I believe Widmore is only making things happen for the safety of his family.

The military folk must have come for a search and discovery mission for the Dharma Initiative. As they were performing odd experiments also.

Is it possible that Widmore was once a part of the military group that came? Then soon after he defected to the hostiles? Charles Widmore talks to Desmond about, having any military experience, maybe he has a passion for it. Why are all the others wearing military clothing?

Daniel plants the first seeds of time-travel to Ellie. So the next time she meets him, she shoots him, but she also believes in the journal.

It seems like each time the island jumps is when a time paradox is about to happen. Like it’s preventing a big change in events.

Desmond say he knows Charles has questions for him, but he won’t answer any of them. Very similar to how the show works.

I don’t know what the significance of Desmond’s story in the whole plot. He goes to see Faraday’s mom, she tells him he’s got more work to do. He doesn’t listen, he get’s shot. Now what? How has telling her that what Daniel told him to tell his mom, done anything? Her plans were to get Jack and the group back to the island, and that happened. Was Desmond supposed to be on the plane too. Is this why it caused a bit of a side-effect. I’m not sure how this ties into anything in the story.

Richard knows how to get off the island. This has still yet to be answered. I think it’s has to do something with the temple.

Jones known as Widmore had met Charlotte, Miles and Daniel in 1954, is this the reason he specifically choose them to board his freighter in 2004?


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