LOST Season 5 DVD Set Arrives Tuesday 8 December

UPDATE: I purchased the DVD’s and have already watched the first two episodes.  Get ready for the Season 5 All About Lost ReWatch starting this weekend.  Please watch the first 3 episodes and you can send us your comments here.

Okay it’s only a few hours away until Tuesday.  And I am ready to go get my Season 5 DVD set.  In my area you can get them at all the big stores.  Online, Amazon.com seems to be matching the lowest price (without the tax and shipping charge).  Why get the DVD’s you ask?  Well firstly Hulu.com is no longer letting you watch the first batch of Season 5 episodes for free.  Secondly you will miss out on the episode commentaries.  And thirdly what is more fun than watching the behind the scenes action on a cold dark December night (or day) with some hot cocoa in front of a blazing fire.  (If you don’t have a fire you could find that yule log channel and switch back and forth to Lost).

Now here are some preview pics to pass the last few agonizing hours…. Some info about the photos
Hieroglyphs & Tapestry: Analyzing possible clues is a favourite activity of LOST fans, so check out these high-resolution photos of Jacob’s tapestry and hieroglyphs on a pillar in the tunnels.

Courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

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